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Desdemona Died

Desdemona Died

  • By Wonder
  • Release 30/09/2008
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This is quite an odd record, unique, quaint, dense and made with raw emotions and refined craft. "Desdemona Died" is the name of this experimental record that borders on a radio play, touches upon an intimate documentation style and lingers between music with a visual feel. This album is the brainchild of poetess Wonder who combines her creative life as a poet with painting, writing short stories, contributing to short films, playing records and taking to the stage herself. The album seems to reflect her kaleidoscopic approach as her love for words seems naturally interwoven with music that suggests imagery. Initially the album started out as a short avant-garde play inspired by Shakespeare's Othello. Wonder re-wrote her own version of this famous play using beats and samples to tell the story from a female's point of view (being: Desdemona's point of view). Soon after that she started working together with multi talented producer mr.vilt, building on this idea and shaping the different phases of love through his eclectic musical melting pot. And thus the album was born. Mr.vilts musical open-mindedness brings out her sensuous sighs in his production, it lifts her words and accompanies her fire, as it ranges from hip hop based beats to surreal classical cut up samples and off key piano play. We can proudly say: there is no other album like it. Tracks from the album have been featured on the British Radio BBC 3 (Mixing It), BBC 4 (the cultural channel) on Resonance FM (London's cultural broadcaster) and also on various Dutch TV art channels, independent radio etc.. There are only a limited amount of CD's and EP's avaliable. The CD booklet is a jewel case designed by the award winning Youri Koers with cover photography from highly sought after photographer Koen Hauser. The vinyl EP is a beautiful limited edition gatefold. "Wonder's voice is simply mesmerizing whilst at other times it stings and suffocates, in the way Othello once killed his beloved wife." Leftfield Magazine July 2004 (Dutch underground magazine). "She created songs and poems on her strong belief of eternal love... This draws the parallel that she is both creator and muse..." Passionate Magazine August 2004. "The compositions are tight, the flow is unconventional, but pleasing. The seven tracks are quite distinct from each other, and a variety of different styles and approaches are used. It has energy, and it has a heart..." January 2005. 'Gorgeous poetry and flowy vocals against trippy beats, ambient keyboards, and the occasional film sample...I can see these tracks featured in the closing credits of a foreign film, even though the poetry is in English.' (Female March 2005). And positive reviews and articles in Fret Magazine (NL), Auf Abwegen Magazine (DE), Down-Tempo net (FR) and short portraits on Dutch art channel.


Artist: Wonder
Title: Desdemona Died
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 30/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 8717127011506
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