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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

  • By Shad Diamond
  • Release 13/05/2008
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Stress is perhaps the biggest health issue needing to be addressed in today's society; and this is one of the best healing products on the market. Most people are unaware of how much harm is done to the physical body because of excessive stress. A huge source of stress actually comes from the beliefs and attitudes people have about themselves and their relationship with the world around them. These belief patterns are both conscious and subconscious, and they can create tremendous amounts of built up negative energy. This negative energy gets trapped at certain places in the physical body and starts to cause reversals of natural processes. If allowed to continue, it will set up the conditions for all kinds of diseases. Specific Superquantum Tones™ have been designed to relieve severe stress, hypertension, worry and burnout. Others help to reduce the sense of overwhelm, improve objectivity, still the mind and help re-balance the listener's emotions. Additional benefits include relief for certain types of headaches. This is a double CD set. Even though the healing energies are different on each of the CDs, either one can be used to resolve low and moderate levels of stress. Use both CDs for extreme situations, where you are dealing with tremendous amounts stress. They interactively work together to provide a synergistic advantage, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. These can be played in the background in the work place or to relax at home. You can also go to sleep with them. Part one employs Superquantum Tone™ technology and the natural sound of a gentle babbling brook with sparse background birds, creating a meditative, yet refreshing environment. Part two uses healing Superquantum Tones™ and dreamlike musical soundscapes, giving the sense of opening up to a new world of unknown possibilities. Part One 61 Minutes, Part Two 60 Minutes The Developer: Psychoenergetics scientist and musician Shad Diamond is a remote healing therapist; founder of the Holistic Research Institute; teacher of Advanced Holistics and Spiritual Psychology; and the developer of Superquantum TonesTM, the proprietary healing technology used for his music CDs and film scores. He is educated in electronic engineering, metaphysical sciences, music theory, quantum mechanics and parapsychology. Superquantum Tone Technology: Superquantum TonesTM are very explicit packets of vibrational information. They reconfigure the negative energies and limited thought patterns that are held in place by your consciousness. Technically they are consciousness accelerators. The technology uses sound waves as a carrier of natural resonances found in a superluminary domain. Developed under proprietary laboratory conditions, the healing energies are calibrated and blended with musical instruments and nature sounds to create a vibrational medicine in the form of music. Life issues and health concerns are addressed through a series of Quantum Sensory ExperiencesTM, which create new understandings at a sub-cellular level in the body and alter the responses that are normally triggered by old belief patterns. The body reacts accordingly and accelerates the natural self-healing processes. Every single experience you have in life leaves you with a belief and an attitude. Eventually these build into belief systems that hold both negative and positive understandings about your existence. This technology has the unique ability to shift your limited beliefs by accelerating the positive complimentary consciousness that is behind the trapped negative energies, and then allow the new patterns to integrate into the physical body. The effect is very similar to when a person in love walks into a room of people, and suddenly everyone is affected by that happy radiance. Or when you hear an old song on the radio that takes you back to a beautiful time in your life and you immediately feel better. The difference however is that Superquantum TonesTM are not passive. They are active and dynamic, and they produce a continuous up-leveling of positive change. Very specific emotional, physical and spiritual functions are snapped into new experiential places, so that the old limited beliefs will no longer produce the negative patterns that have been sabotaging your quality of life Open the Mind, Heal the Spirit and Regenerate the Body™.


Artist: Shad Diamond
Title: Stress Relief
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 13/05/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 797497400429
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