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A View from the Moon

A View from the Moon

  • By Roz Winter
  • Release 23/02/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

After some time in the studio with various producers pushing and trying and forcing myself to make the music I thought I should make; the music they thought was the happening sound of today, I had a revelation. One of my most treasured musical influences, Laura Nyro, made her transition. I retreated into my own world to reconnect with what was important to me as an artist. I couldn't listen to most of my old demos. They seemed empty. What did I really want to say and how did I want to say it. It became clear to me that I was the one who knew best what to write and how to produce it. One day during a meditation, a guide came to me who looked kind of like Ellen Degeneris. She talked real fast and told me I had to do a CD and not to worry because I had plenty of help. She motioned to Laura who sat smiling beside her. At first I was stunned, especially since this entity seemed so hyper and intenseââ?-¦ not exactly the woo woo spiritual type. The reference and appearance of Laura soothed me incredibly and I felt as though it was up to me to carry on where she left off. I let go into this new adventure where 'a view from the moon' was birthed with ease. Each track was written and recorded by me in my living room on the 45th floor in midtown Manhattan. All the sounds came from my Proteus 1 module being played through an Korg keyboard. I recorded onto computer and mixed down to my four track. It was scary not having a state of the art digital setup, but I couldn't let that stop me. I knew that what I was creating was going to be filled with more heart and soul than anything I had ever done. I closed the blinds, lit stick after stick of nag champa incense and listened for the sound in my ear. I got up every morning, made kukicha tea and sat down with pen and paper away from my keyboard. The spontaneous unedited writing from those morning sessions became the lyrics for each song. I would then move to the keyboard and begin wherever I was guided to begin. Sometimes with a bass part, sometimes a drum part, but always fresh and absolutely in the moment. Always 'letting it come' to me. Song after song came. Bass parts, funky, jazzy atonal horn parts. Lyrics that seemed totally asymmetrical, as in Dear Dear Love, became beautifully fleshed out melodies. My experience was that of allowing. I was taking dictation from a Divine Creative Energy; I was plugged in to the Flow. My writing will never be the same. I now totally trust what comes through me and I know that I am the vehicle for Spirit's Love and Grace to flow forth. I accept this fully as my life's purpose. I love listening to this CD. I'm inspired and proud to have created it. I hope it serves as an inspiration for you. Peacetrain 'You've got to drop your confined adult identity' That's what I had to do to create this CD. I had to drop what I thought was going to get me heard as an artist and vibe with what my truth was in the moment. This song paves the way for my metamorphosis into my truth as an artist. Dear Dear Love When these lyrics came, they were so unlike any lyrics in terms of symmetry that I felt nervous as to how I would get them to be a song. As I relaxed and let the work come through the song was beautifully and soulfully revealed to me. Dear Dear Love is a celebration of love right here, alive in the moment with it's richness and playfulness. I had just experienced a breakup that had me in deep grief. Someone new was knocking at the door and I was scared and doubting that love could last. 'Can we sustain this beauty, remaining unharmed and can we live as lovers delighted and charmed, and do we believe that the future is gettin' brighter every day?' One of the questions I ask myself constantly. Big Love I believe this is one of the sexiest songs ever written.This was the best process for me. After I put down the drums and bass track I turned up the funky horns on my Proteus and recorded one pass without stopping. It was wild. I never thought about what I was gonna play- I just played like a kid and had a gas! I purposely played wrong notes and out of time phrases because they sounded interesting to me. Why should everything be so perfectly placed? It felt great. Then I thought, 'ok, now go back edit and fix it all.' But when I listened I thought it sounded cool. I remembered an acoustic guitar part on one of Paul Simon's CD's that was recorded sharp. I loved that because it really got your attention. I don't want my music to flow right past you. I want you to stop whatever you're doing. I want it to break you out. So I left it. Desire This is about being obsessed with someone who is totally inappropriate for you to want. You know, like your best friend's x. Ooops. You know it's never gonna happen but the fantasy is like an addiction. Ooo girl! Unexpected Angel Laura's death was a huge blow to me and my love for her fueled this project. And then one morning in the midst of this writing spree my girlfriend called to tell me that a woman she had worked with was out shopping with her boyfriend and just fell down dead. She was in her mid 30's. I was very moved. As a spiritual person there's a side of me that is not afraid of death and then there's the other side. The side that's hangin' out groovin' on the day and does not want it all to end right now. And then bam something unexpected happens; the car comes out of nowhere, the doctor finds something, your sweetheart takes you out shopping on a warm spring day and... Unexpected Angel is my little talk with death sayin' hey, I'm not all that cool about you so 'don't you come around me when I'm dreamin' and plannin' and hopin''. Over Our Head It's a play on words because from a place of smallness we can never seem to find joy though it's always over our heads, meaning just beyond us. But in truth if we simply look to our intuitive nature, joy, love and peace are perfectly revealed. 'and by the way the sun shines in the heavens, that might be a clue of who we areââ?-¦it's right there over our heads, look up, look up' All Night long (God In Motion) This song expresses the place where spiritual meets sensual, where lovers affirm their Oneness with each other and in God. I feel so happy to have been given this song. It's my most favorite to perform and it's so satisfying in it's message of connectedness. Trust This was one of the first songs that came to me in this compilation. I wrote this after having felt betrayed by a lover. This song was a healing, reminding me that without trust, and without opening my heart, I'd never get close to anyone again. 'Trust is the answer, To every question, to every prayer.' Bandito Love After having shut myself down following this hurtful breakup, it was time to break out and have fun. With all the pain I was feeling, it wasn't easy for me to do that. Bandito Love was a 'fake it 'til you make it' kinda thing. It was also a call to my new sweetheart to 'meet me out back and throw me off track, 'cause I need it honey'. Free Rollin' Love Oh yes. I was yearning for a free rolling, easy going, sweet love; a love with no complications. I was feeling so awkward, like I didn't know how to have a relationship. And then this song came so flowing and easy and simple. I felt like I was asking my higher self to teach me to open up and feel free again; 'your mama taught you how to dance so bold and daring, I wanna learn this dance tonight.' Time Time is simply my version of 'time heals all wounds'. As I moved through my process of letting go and finding my new life, a friend kept reminding me not to give up five minutes before the miracle. 'Tender love turns snow into roses, in it's own sweet time, give it time, 'cause that's all we need, oh a little more time and we will see the miracle of love.'


Artist: Roz Winter
Title: A View from the Moon
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/02/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 791022062229