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Lord Is Coming

Lord Is Coming

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The Millinium Diciple The Millinium Diciple, born in Knoxville, TN raised in the projects exposed to drugs, guns, and domestic violence, survived Satan's evil plan. Charles Robinson (Millinium Diciple) is the oldest of four brothers and two sisters. His mother (deceased), grand-father (deceased) and his grand-mother (were) are pastors, so he was introduced to God at an early age. He now attends and sings in the choir at Redemption Church International Knoxville, TN, where Eddie King is the pastor. Millinium Diciple witnessed death many times in his youth. Once his family was returning home from church, he noticed the car not moving and opened his eyes to see his mother across the street on the ground with this teen in her arms and blood everywhere. She rubbed her bloody hands across his pale, lifeless face to close his eyes. Chills ran through Millinium's body watching his mother. She noticed a negative spirit in the house that night, so she called everyone in the living room and began to pray. The family slept in a sober peace and almost forgot about the stabbing the night before. His mother would get up in the middle of the night and walk through the house praying in the spirit for hours. Never the doctor or nurse for medicine, but prayer from momma was the answer to any pain, sickness, or bad dream. Millinium was raised up on prayer and faith. Even though he used it wrong, he believed in it. He would pray before he entered a club, when his mother told him not to be in those places. Or he would pray after having sex with a girl, that she wouldn't be pregnant. He never had the desire to smoke, drink or do drugs, but women were another story. Millinium joined the United States Navy in 1990. He became a fornicating fool. Still no drugs, no alcohol or smoking, sex was his weakness. He felt as long as his mother was living, that he would always be protected by her prayers. No church, no tithes, no praying, maybe a bible verse every other Sunday, he had forgotten where he came from and how fast he could be taken back. When Millinium got a phone call to come home, he knew something wasn't right. A week later his mother died altering his life forever. Satan knew only Millinium could get himself into heaven. Satan knew Millinium put his mother before God, and tried to feed off that. Millinium experienced demons chasing him, smelling blood, dead flesh, and hearing voices in his sleep for a year. One Sunday he decided church was the answer. Chills ran through his body and he heard his mother's voice telling him, it's time. He surrendered to God, dedicated himself and told God to use him in a way that would just make the devil tremble. It's payback time!!!! The Millinium Diciple, a new creature, a new man, an alien. His Ministry is a gift from God. He doesn't like to be called a gospel rapper. He says that back when Jesus and his disciples took the gospel to the people, they had it harder than we do now. The Millinium Diciple's, today's gospel rappers, can spread the goodness of Jesus all over the world and not make the sacrifices that Jesus' disciples made. That's why he calls himself 'Millinium Diciple,' the new age of spreading the gospel. Why does he spell it like that? He's not of this world so why spell it the way the world does. Ministry Statement Millinium Diciple has been blessed to minister with Prime Minister, Ricky B & 4Given, Big Proffit, 2-BZ, Elle R.O.C., Antonious, he's performed at Rap Fest 2001 and 2002 sharing the stage with Cross Movement, Hazakim, Brothers Inc., DJ Frankie Cutlass, Ed James, Urban Diciple, Knowdaverb, the list goes on. Millinium Diciple has taken his ministry to Montego Bay Jamaica with World Changers Bible Institute of Knoxville, TN, and Brushy Mountain Prison. He has traveled to Alabama, Arkansas, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and God is opening new doors everyday. Millinium compares himself to Batman. Batman was only called when needed. When that signal hit the sky, he came running ready to save and protect. Not one time did Batman say, 'no, I ain't com'n, no one never calls me when they don't need help.' Not one time did Batman ask, 'what's in it for me.' Not one time did Batman say, 'Why do they always call me or I'm to busy.' He stayed ready no matter the season. The Millinium Diciple feels he doesn't have to be called all the time, but when he's called, he's ready to do God's work. The number one priority in Millinium's ministry is to keep about the ministry and not the industry. God will take care of his ministry as long as he takes care of what God has given him, a gift to tell of his goodness and of his coming soon.


Artist: Millinium Diciple
Title: Lord Is Coming
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 14/01/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 692863026725
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