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  • By Mike Florio
  • Release 10/01/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Mike's debut album contains songs written over a span of many years, dating back to his earliest musical influences and creative inspirations. Featuring a potent blend of progressive and classic rock, Arisen has been receiving great reviews and is being played on many progressive rock stations. 'Supported by a formidable cast on guitar, bass, and drums, Mike keeps things clean and punchy, alternating between passionate vocal sections and dramatic instrumental passages. Florio's voice also is a cut above; his clear, resonant sound fluid and effortless.' Progression Magazine 'Each of the seven tracks are well written and executed... Wonderful vocals from Mike, signing in a style that will bring to mind an era long gone for many younger listeners, but for myself, simply a reminder of how far the current music scene has lost the art of good vocals. This guy can sing!' ProgGnosis 'Virtuoso keyboards and great vocals plus top notch production equals best new artist of 2006!... Florio weaves songs of richness and lyrical depth, oozing with subtle spirituality... Florio uses his faith as a fulcrum to comment on society, without beating the listener over the head with dogma... Arisen is a well crafted and recorded progressive rock gem...' Virtuosity '...this album deserves to be in many a collection for prog fans that like their music beautiful and well constructed. I simply have to give it top rating!! ...this is top notch Progressive/art rock music!! The production is superb, with every instrument and voice clear in the overall picture, and nicely balanced too.' Progressive World 'Arisen is an album with a '70s soul and an '80s attitude. If that makes any sense, go buy this album, you'll enjoy every second of it. Mike Florio has mastered that art of making songs that are both musically interesting and emotionally involving...' Dutch Progrock Page '...tastefully composed, carefully arranged and truly professionally executed. ...many would envy the coherency that Mike Florio and his colleagues have achieved... lyrics which are fully meaningful, on various topical themes, and are delivered with a deliberate passion.' Progressor 'Production values are of the polished and professional sounding variety, coming across crisp and clean and allowing for a near perfect separation of the instrumentation. ...lyrics are very well thought out in addressing topics ranging from our technology driven world, the corruption of youth, the news media and the perspective of the natural man.' Angelic Warlord ' of the better artists in modern progressive music... one of my favorite releases in 2006...' ProgNaut '...honest, refreshing and undeniably musical.' Sea of Tranquility 'While it's Mike Florio's name on the cover, the material and the band sound like a single entity. ... Melodic without being cloying, musical without being too precious or baroque, Arisen shows Florio to be a solid talent with quite a bit to offer.' ProgScape 'The progressive element of the album is of the acceptable kind that never meanders and gets to the point without ever disappearing into over-complicated, jazz style workouts. Mike handles all the keyboards and vocals and does a sterling job on both fronts.' PowerPlay Magazine 'Mike Florio's excellent vocals gracefully transition from fiery fusion to classic and progressive rock with ease.' Progressive Positivity 'Arisen is among the best albums of 2006... Mike Florio's powerful vocals and energetic keyboards are making this album a 'must have' to all discographies.' Vibrations 'If you love symphonic rock: there'll be certain some beautiful moments to discover.' Prog-Nose 'Classically influenced melodic progressive rock from keyboard wiz Mike Florio and band... Mike also sings, and he has a beautiful voice.' The Missing Piece 'Rich, symphonic sound. Sophisticated, classical keyboard parts, yet the music is also catchy.' Garden Shed 'The sophisticated songs are played by gifted musicians and Mike's voice is also an asset to this winning package. ... This kind of music is timeless and you'll discover something new every time you listen to this great record.' Target Records.


Artist: Mike Florio
Title: Arisen
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/01/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 643157373506