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Mayday Mayday: Mariner's Guide to Vhf Ship to Ship and Ship to Shore Communication

Mayday Mayday: Mariner's Guide to Vhf Ship to Ship and Ship to Shore Communication

  • Release 23/02/2010
  • Film and TV Genre Special Interest-Instructional
  • Media Format DVD
  • Please be advised. Unless otherwise stated, all BLU-RAY are REGION A and all DVD are REGION 1 encoding. Before purchasing, please ensure that your equipment can playback these regions. For more information on region encoding, please click the link below:
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Product Notes

A VHF radio is one of the most important tools on board a boat. Like any other tool, however, there are right ways and wrong ways to use it. The quickest way to determine the competence of a boater is not by his docking abilities but by his use of the radio. Although the VHF radio is relatively easy to operate, there are some very important features about the use and operation that all boaters must know. The VHF radio is one of the most valuable pieces of safety equipment you can have onboard. It can be used to deliver a call for assistance, provide the latest weather reports and keep you in touch with other boats and marine facilities on the water. This program covers the different types of VHF receivers available including the types of transmissions, range, power and specific features. It outlines the U. S. and International requirements and provides information on how to obtain a VHF license, permits and the Maritime Mobile Service Identity or MMSI numbers for DSC Radios. Included are the different VHF channels and their uses along with information on how to monitor the radio. It provides specific, step-by-step instructions on how to place both emergency and non-emergency calls including Mayday Calls, Securite Calls and Pan-Pan Calls. It also teaches what you should do when you hear a Mayday Call including Seelonce Mayday, Seelonce Distress and Mayday Relay. DVD Menu: VHF Radio Basics, License, Permit & MMSI, Types of VHF Radios, Channels, Monitoring the Radio, Placing Non-emergency Calls, Placing Mayday Calls, If You Hear a Mayday Call, Securite Calls, Pan-Pan Calls, Weather Broadcast.


Title: Mayday Mayday: Mariner's Guide to Vhf Ship to Ship and Ship to Shore Communication
Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Studio: Bennett Marine Video
Release Date: 23/02/2010
Media Format: DVD
UPC: 097278089882
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