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On Wings of Shekhinah

On Wings of Shekhinah

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Complimenting Reb Léah's moving words are the signature sounds of Desert Wind, customized to illustrate the journey you are about to take. For the first time, Desert Wind presents the mysterious golden tones of Andalin's bass flute along with the latest and greatest in digital sound technology. Rabbi Léah Novick is a seasoned spiritual teacher whose study of Jewish mysticism has been focused on Shekhinah - the Divine Feminine. Reb Léah has served conventional synagogues and Renewal groups. She now presents at diverse spiritual gatherings. Honored as 'Pathfinder' by the Aleph Alliance,she is featured in numerous articles and books. Prior to her re-immersion in Jewish spirituality, Reb Léah (aka Lee Novick)had a long and distinguished political career. Among her many accomplishments,she served as Chief Aide to Congresswoman Bella Abzug (z'l) of New York, Coordinator of the International Women's Year Commission under Pres. Carter,Director of the California Commission on the Status of Women under Gov. Jerry Brown and Lecturer at U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Public Policy. 'Dear Friends: For the last twenty-two years, Reb Léah has been 'receiving' from the realm of Shekhinah and sharing that consciousness with us in her teaching and her davenning. Now, she complements the male tradition with woman-mind, making her unique insights available to a wider audience on this CD. Hearing her voice and the inspiring music transmits Shekhinah awareness directly, into our hearts and our homes. ~ Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi 'The very best meditations by our beloved Rabbi Léah with original music by our favorite band - Desert Wind. Good for relaxation, healing, connecting with Shekhinah and your soul!' ~ Rabbi Ayla Grafstein, Ruach Hamidbar 'Dear Friends: Reb Léah Novick's long awaited c-d featuring seven guided meditations, with great keyboard and flute music by Desert Wind - is now available. This recording takes you on wonderful journey through history with Shekhinah, the Cosmic Jewish Mother. The meditations are related to different time periods, and are based on Reb Léah's teachings. They will also be included in her upcoming book, to be published by Quest Theosophical Publishers in the fall of 2008. No matter what your gender or spiritual path, we are sure that you will find this material moving and transformative.' ~ Susan Saxe, ALEPH, Alliance for Jewish Desert Wind fans will appreciate this response: 05/27/07 'Oh my God (dess)! This album is spectacular. It feels like a a sweet violin string resonating my every cell. It awakens a precious memory that is my birthright. It makes me want to cry with joy, hope. I will embrace the past and reach for the future with Rabbi Léah Novick,and use it in groups so others can too. Thank you, thank you for this album.' ~ Susan Rose, GaiaFriends.Org.


Artist: Laah Novick Rabbi & Desert Wind
Title: On Wings of Shekhinah
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 17/03/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 781541101028