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Women of the World

Women of the World

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A BIG 'WOW' FOR WOMEN OF THE WORLD 'The time has come, there is work to be done Come on you women of the world' Jeanette Arsenault's new CD 'Women of the World' is a call to action, a celebration, a tribute and an affirmation of the power of women's voices in the world. 'I've always worked with themes,' Arsenault says. 'This CD started with the title song, which was written to kick off International Women's Day in March. It has now blossomed into an album that calls for women everywhere to speak out against the problems that affect us all - poverty, AIDS, violence, persecution - and to speak for the women who, because of those problems, can't speak for themselves. This CD is about empowering women.' Songs like 'Angel in Disguise' address these problems head-on, but the CD also includes cuts that simply celebrate the strength and power of women, and their achievements in the past. With tracks like 'Josephine, Acadian Queen' and 'My Daughter, My Friend', Arsenault brings this celebration to a personal level. 'Josephine' was written for my grandmother, an astounding woman who raised a huge family,' she says. 'She never stopped learning, never stopped striving to better both herself and everyone around her. I wanted to commemorate her quiet strength, and the influence she had on me.' 'My Daughter, My Friend', co-written with Carolyn Grondin, is a poignant gift to a daughter on the occasion of her wedding; 'I Can Touch the Sky' is an encouragement to young girls to try for the impossible; and 'Les Heroines' is a tribute to Arsenault's aunt, legendary Acadian songwriter, Angele Arsenault. Although the CD contains many original songs, Arsenault has tapped into a wealth of Canadian songwriting to enrich the album, from Lee Hayes' haunting 'Women of the Past' to Cathy Miller's 'Superwoman'. 'Aside from Amazing Grace, all of the songs are written by women, and are about women,' Arsenault says, 'but it's an album that men can relate to as well. The issues that afflict the world are men's issues too. All I'm saying is that it's time for women to take the lead in trying to heal this world.' 'Women of the World' is a departure from Arsenault's last album 'Arise', a faith-based collection that explored her personal belief. 'Who knows,' she laughs, 'My next album may be totally different again. I've always written groups of songs that are inter-related. 'This is My Canada' and 'I'm a Canadian, Eh?' fall into the patriotic category; 'Arise' was a Christian celebration. The next album may be a collection of children's songs. I've written a lot of those, and I think I'd like to put them together in a recording. I've also got a huge number of Prince Edward County songs that have come together over the years. There are any number of avenues I may go down, and there never seems to be a lack of projects simmering in the background. The one thing they all have in common is that they reflect an intense personal interest expressed through music.' Whatever the theme, her work has received a wide recognition. She has sung for HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Olympic athletes in Salt Lake City and Athens. She was featured in Canadian Living Magazine (March 2005) in an article entitled 'What Happy People Know'. She has also lent her talents to numerous local charity and causes and is a popular performer at concerts and shows across Ontario. As the song says, 'Come and walk by my side, Sing out with pride Come on you women of the world' Visit:


Artist: Jeanette Arsenault
Title: Women of the World
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 24/10/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 624193208021