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Dust It Off

Dust It Off

  • By Father Grundy
  • Release 12/11/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hey - it's a great CD. But don't take our word for it: 'The new Father Grundy CD, Dust It Off, is a wily attempt to perfect the jam-band sound. Anyone who enjoys a Phish-style freakout will want a copy of this CD, as it ranges from funky to jazzy (and even sometimes clownish) while exhibiting the fine work of some technically sound musicians. Featuring a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and keyboardist, Father Grundy is able to create a very full sound while still being able to show off the particular talents of each musician. The instruments blend when they are supposed to and stand out just at the right moments, so that your ears are happy, your mouth is smiling, and your feet are doing a silly little dance on the dance floor. I also enjoyed the vocal harmonies, which are used sparingly enough to be both tasteful and effective. Sam Reid will amaze you with his precision on guitar. His solos never miss a beat, and he carries of his Santana style melodies with such ease as to make it seem effortless (best displayed on the album's first track 'Anything But That'). (Alana Sacks, INsite Magazine, 3/2003) 'Father Grundy presides over jammy, jazzy, worldy music. Sharp in it's production and distinct with each tune, followers of this blend of genres will likely heed their ears to the sounds that the highly skillful Father Grundy produces. No, it's not commercial but this music isn't meant to be. It highlights the band members' (who are Doc B., Sam, Chez, and Q) obvious musical talent, evident in the instrumental jam-out portions as well as the behind-the-vocal parts. I was particularly impressed with the top-notch guitar work (that would be Sam). My fave of the five was the wonderfully quirky circus-like feel in the organ-led 'D'Evil Clown.'' (Debbie Catalano, Soundcheck Magazine, 12/2002) 'Funky, upbeat and wickedly danceable, Father Grundy dismisses their frocks and kicks out the jams on their new 5-song sampler Dust It Off. Doc B on drums and vocals, Sam on guitar and vocals, Chez on bass and vocals and Q on keyboards and vocals wind up these arrangements with superb musicianship and Phish-like vocals and harmonies. Sporting the jam band concept, Father Grundy offers so much more than a casual jam with their well written songs and tight performances. You won't find any scandalous acts of impropriety on this disc, just five great songs delivered with levity and reverence.' Dynamite! (Douglas Sloan, Metronome 9/2002) 'Featuring the talents of seasoned players, Father Grundy takes the listener on a spiraling jam session of Allman-like guitar excursions dotted by trippy rhythms.' (Douglas Sloan, Metronome 2/2002) 'Sam Reid's bluesy guitar is ripping, Andrew Winter (plays) rocking piano and organ.' (Joel Simches, The Noise 12/2001) 'Each band member is exceptionally talented (particularly the keyboard player). (Kier Byrnes, The Noise 7/2002)


Artist: Father Grundy
Title: Dust It Off
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/11/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 747728880827