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  • By Eyestrings
  • Release 8/11/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Review Excerpts: 'Most of the time it will take a while before I will write the review of a new album... But now I noticed that this album is very special. And I had to tell you about it right away! It is again an independent release that touched my progressive heart. Eyestrings has with 'Consumption' made a very strong album with intelligent progmusic.' - Douwe Fledderus, 'The last song, 'Lifelines', is the album's undisputed epic, clocking in at 20 minutes and going through six movements all of which emphasize another brilliant aspect of Eyestrings... One of the finest discs of contemporary American prog rock.' - Murat Batmaz, ' many styles and influences that it's takes a little time to digest. A little early Genesis, Anthony Phillps, lot of KC, Zappa, Van Der Graaf and Radiohead along with tons of mellotron. Great songs throughout, but the highlight is the 20 minute 'Lifelines'. Ever so often a CD comes along that takes a few spins to really grab you and this no exception. Fans of Discipline will love this release. RECOMMENDED' - John 'The Progfessor' Gabbard, MUSIC Metropolitan Detroit-based band Eyestrings release their 2nd album, 'Consumption' on October 15, 2005. Formed in 2001 under a different name, Eyestrings chose the band's name just prior to releasing their CD, 'Burdened Hands' (2004), an eclectic debut which has earned significant critical praise within prog rock circles and beyond. Band History Highlights: January 2004: Eyestrings release their debut album, 'Burdened Hands' on their independent label, Split Difference Records, to earn critical praise and begin developing their fanbase. April 2004: Eyestrings perform a Progressive Showcase at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, Maryland, with the progressive band Sonus Umbra. September - November 2004: Eyestrings play with fellow Detroit-based proggers Tiles and Space Nelson as part of the Motor City ProgShow series. April 2005: Eyestrings perform, along with Tiles and several of the finest current progressive rock bands at the 2nd annual Rites of Spring Festival (ROSfest) in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. October 2005: Eyestrings release their 2nd album, 'Consumption,' on their independent label, Split Difference Records. CONSUMPTION Primary tracks for the 2nd album by Eyestrings were recorded at Windfall Recording in Hammondsport, New York, engineered by Benjamin Ridley. Eyestrings recorded the remainder of the tracks at their home studio, where they also mixed the album. The album was mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M Works Mastering Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. BIOGRAPHIES Ryan Parmenter serves as Eyestrings's singer and keyboardist, and wrote the lyrics and most of the music for 'Consumption.' Ryan learned piano by ear starting at age 11. He played trombone in gradeschool through high school, and participated in his high school's excellent choir program, where he learned a great deal of music theory. Ryan has written and produced musical scores for three local feature-length films. Ryan anticipates a solo release in 2006, which he could only describe as 'not like Eyestrings.' Soundtrack CDs and current information on his forthcoming solo release are available at Alan Rutter is the guitarist for Eyestrings. A friend of Ryan's since gradeschool, the two have collaborated on many projects over the years. Alan learned to play the guitar during high school, and, along with Ryan, participated in his high school's choir and drama programs. After graduation, Alan spent some time in Los Angeles as one-third of the progressive trio RCA Project, before returning to Michigan to reconnect with Ryan and help form the band that would become Eyestrings. 'Consumption' showcases Alan's musical range on guitar, from baroque-style nylon passages, to complex electric solos. Mathew Kennedy, the bassist for Eyestrings, is the 'veteran' rocker of the group. Mathew played in the progressive band Discipline with Ryan's uncle, Matthew Parmenter, for many years, and recently played the bass on the Parmenter's 2004 solo release, 'Astray.' Influenced by great music across all genres, Mathew is a dynamic performer, bringing both nuance and exuberance where appropriate. 'Consumption' features Mathew's first composition on record, 'Code of Tripe,' which Ryan helped develop. Bob Young, drummer and percussionist for Eyestrings, expands the band's rhythmic palate on 'Consumption.' A student of West African and Indian drumming techniques, Bob's djembe and tabla rhythms enhance the atmosphere of several tracks on the new album. A passionate performer, Bob has been involved in many musical projects over the years, from percussion workshops across the United States to his Detroit-based progressive band, Own.


Artist: Eyestrings
Title: Consumption
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/11/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 824767216722