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Yeah Really

Yeah Really

  • By Elaine K
  • Release 4/09/2001
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Elaine K hails from Dublin, Ireland and currently lives in New York, U.S.A. She is the writer of both lyrics and music and has gained critical acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic. She has been writing and performing since her teens, gaining new skills and new confidence at every turn. The media have often tried to draw comparisons to other artists but have yet to succeed. Most have claimed she has simply made her own genre, though she laughs at the thought herself. Elaine K's style is contemporary, yet timeless, quirky and hooky, yet sensitive and mature. One of the major attractions cited by her fans is her ability to address matters of the heart without giving it the usual lollipop treatment. Songs such as 'I Love You (& I Hate You)', 'My Fix' and 'All I Need' have given the supposed 'love song' the good kick in the ass it has needed for so long. Based in Dublin, Elaine K gigged and continued writing, then gigged some more. She attracted record company attention in Ireland. She also attracted record company attention in New York after doing some small tours there with her band. She even started negotiations with one or two of the suitors. She was dined and wined, but it didn't impress her remotely. After several months of flights over the Atlantic Ocean, numerous drafts of recording contracts being sent back and forth, Elaine K established her own record label, moo records. Elaine K released her debut album 'yeah, really' on moo records in Ireland in 1998 to the delight of many music lovers and fans. She was not new to the recording process having recorded on several previous occasions with many musicians and producers. 'yeah, really' was produced by Elaine K. Several television appearances, radio interviews and magazine interviews became the whirlwind that followed. Moo records shot a video for the first album track, 'Love Moves On', and the video deservedly then went on to be awarded the No.1 position on the Irish Video Charts. It became apparent that a new direction was needed so Elaine K packed up shop and headed to the city where she had previously enjoyed only brief visits. Now based in NYC, Elaine K has continued in her efforts for world domination. Her music has been used for television networks in the U.S. She is currently under commission from one particular film production for soundtrack work. She has been asked to produce local artists by local record companies. The Songwriter's Hall of Fame has shown interest in her work. Her gig attendance is growing. Her writing is continuing. Life is good.


Artist: Elaine K
Title: Yeah Really
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/09/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479553820