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Me Dejo

Me Dejo

  • By El Patapsco
  • Release 15/04/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

El Patapsco play instrumental music. This new album was recorded after a show gone awry, thus the title. But rest assured, the band is still writing and playing. This album continues where the last album (LRDG) left off. Here's a recent review by esteemed instro-critic, Phil Dirt. He gave the album a 4 out of 5 stars and gave some of the songs a full 5 stars. See below: This is a great release from El Patapsco! Very well arranged and developed songs with genuine emotional hooks. Surf influenced, desert scoped, and adventurous, oh, and the songs are really well played! Track by Track Review Huevos Sowebos (5 stars) Desert Surf (Instrumental) The opening of 'Huevos Sowebos' is really cool. The lovely delicate melody guitar is opposed by the heavy distortion guitar to great affect. Then, a galloping beat comes along, bringing with it a superb edgy melody and cool rhythm guitar. The arrangement and pace develop as it progresses. This is superb! Tralfalmadore (5 stars) A lovely melody mournfully invites morning optimism. Kurt Vonnegut's fictitious planet is an apt subject for this emotional and soulful song. The tremolo second guitar adds shivers to the sadly optimistic melody. 'Tralfalmadore' is a wonderful and dramatic song, rich in arranging and tone. Great drums and perfect bass lines complete a marvelous track. Keeve's Burning Question (4 stars) 'Keeve's Burning Question' is adventurous in the scenic open country road sense. You can well imagine the top down, a hot summer breeze, and the sun setting in your eyes. Magnificent! The Anonymous Brian Connelly (4 stars) This is a playful number with a fun melody and semi-reggae rhythm. This one took it's time to grow on me. Nice track! Jarlaxle (4 stars) Smooth and haunting, 'Jarlaxle' sparkles with the shimmer of the sun off ripple peaks on a near-glassy lake. It gets more mechanical at times, and the string bending adds a bit of dementia. As with a couple of others of El Patapsco's songs, this grows on you. It's very serious, bordering on progressive. Some particularly cool bass slides towards the end. The Death And The Compass (3 stars) The organ adds a lonely spy sound to this occasionally throbbing number. Delicate double picking gives it a surfish feel, while the rest of the structure is more Vanilla Fudge-like. Love the long echo-delayed slides! Robertson's Dilemma (3 stars) A spy in the desert with tremolo shimmer gets you in the ballpark. 'Robertson's Dilemma' is a bit low key, and is well developed. The keys remind me of Jim Bohannon (Pearls Before Swine) at times. This is all about the trembling guitar. Katy From Fell's Point (3 stars) With a funky beat and second guitar, and psych organ, 'Katy From Fell's Point' plays and prances on simple joy. This is just plain fun.


Artist: El Patapsco
Title: Me Dejo
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 15/04/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479778315