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Starting as a worship team for a small inner-city church in Wichita, Kansas, the band played several years using the name The Remnant but after signing with SLM Records and in preparation of the national release of their debut album Revive, they are now known as Echo's of the Son. Shon Flores, singer/songwriter/worship leader, has written and produced this exciting debut album. E.O.S. has it's roots in corporate church worship but also mixes a very distinct rock/radio style to it's unique sound which surrounds a masterful body of very compelling and moving lyrics. The response has been incredible from listeners, Christian and non-Christian alike. Along with the name change also came a few changes in the lineup of the band. The amazing thing about the Revive album is that 3 of the 4 original members were teenagers at the time it was recorded. Marcus Stoesz, who still plays guitar for the band, was 17 years old at the time, drummer Read Flores was 18 and Laura Stoesz, Marcus' sister was 19 years old -needless to say, there were a few raised eyebrows when this motley group (none of whom had ever had any kind of professional training nor recording experience) entered the studio to record what would become the Revive album. The result still has people shaking their heads and now, through the SLM Records Label, has become what many believe will be the best debut album release for a band in a while. The current line up of the band now consists of Shon Flores who is the prominent songwriter of the group's music. He also heads the band vocally and plays guitar. Shon attends Hilltop Urban Church in Wichita, Kansas where he assists with the church's worship team. Shon is a graduate of the University of Arkansas where he received a Degree in Business and Marketing Management. He was a standout player with the Razorback football team and was also a JUCO All American tackle at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas. Marcus Stoesz plays lead electric guitar for E.O.S. Marcus has remained with the band through the changes it has gone through and really has developed his signature sound with the band. Marcus attends United At The Cross Church in Wichita where he also assists with leading their worship team. Marcus also attends Wichita State University. Gerald Roach now plays bass guitar for the band. After playing with several other bands, Gerald has now found his place with E.O.S. Fondly known as 'roach' to the group, his addition has provided a solid foundation for the band's live performances. Gerald's home church is Maranatha Worship Center in Wichita, KS. John Pryor is the new drummer for the band. A skillful and diligent student of his craft, John has also brought an incredible dimension to the band's live sound by providing a perfect 'rock' backdrop to the band's uniquely edgy sound and style. John's professionalism and stylistic playing has been a tremendous addition for the band. John attends Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS. E.O.S. Thanks You ENJOY ! ! !


Artist: Echoes of the Son
Title: Revive
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 1/03/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 805334304028