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Boogymans Lair

Boogymans Lair

  • By David Farner
  • Release 22/11/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

So I check the calender and it's been almost two years since we completed the DSF Too Project. We had been working on a number of new ideas and had also gotten that critical first track recorded for a few ideas of yore. Two years is a long time but so many things have to go right and so many little details worked out to offer a musical CD that hopefully will be enjoyed by more than those involved. We had about twenty or so projects going on simutaniously and then determined which of those were close enough to finished to be included. In the end we picked twelve that worked together and made the finished project. 3:13 is an introduction type guitar piece. It simple and pretty mellow, the purpose of this number was to set the tone for the rest of the project. Annie O Annie is a country song about a a couple who don't know whether their relationship is going to work because of the pressure put on them by people around them. It does include a happy ending. 46 Reasons is a keyboard piece, if you just go along for the ride it could be considered a contemplative piece. Full Circle is the first keyboard composition that starts light and builds to nearly heavy and then returns to the beginning mood to kind of set you back down, so to speak. Just Like Heaven Said is yet another love song. Simple lyrics, not too rocky rock guitar and some harmonica spinkled in for good measure. The Boogyman's Lair, the title song of the project is a collection of ideas on where the Boogyman has been thought to hang out. Paranoia of the unknown can run rampant. Fortunately there aren't many real Boogymen, and most do live in our heads. Little Slice of Heaven is Loving You. That should explain this one. Satire of Smiles I believe was inspired by the movie, 'The Three Days of the Condor'. If you would want to know for sure you'll have to ask Jon Anderson, the writer of the Lyrics. I, at the time the movie came out, stayed in Omaha with him and his brothers one weekend and Jon let me read his idea. I had a chord progression I thought would work with it and finally got a pretty good take, how many years later. I can see why the main character didn't have too much to smile about for awhile. If you leave this angle out it would just have to be a satire because Smiling or helping someone else to smile is the best medicine ever. Songs to Get Me By is a kind of country piece. It's about writing songs to get by. The Cartoon Saloon is about a group of people who enjoy meeting each other at a private, little, but beautiful beach. It's best when the weather is nice but the group has been known to start a fire and hang out and drink a few beers while it's snowing. Friday afternoons are usually the best. 3rd Street Jam has been around about thirty years and we've just never had it all come together. It's slightly rocky and features two lead guitars that don't get in each others way. What Can I Do is a very simple song lyrically. It came to me one day while I was out riding my bicycle to the package store or something like that. We may have to revisit it one day and do a little more with the lyrical end of it anyway.


Artist: David Farner
Title: Boogymans Lair
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 22/11/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479210037