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Seraphim Rhapsody

Seraphim Rhapsody

  • By Dov
  • Release 5/10/2004
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Dov's Seraphim Rhapsody journeys into the world of the Seraphim: The Grand Angels of Transformation. Dov has weaved a musical ladder to this subtle and luscious world with exotic angelic textures and soundscapes that evoke gracious images and dreamy sensations. Brush strokes from electric and acoustic violin/viola blended with synthesized backdrops, Harp, Sitar, and nature sounds allow the canvas of sounds to become a portal to a higher dimension.... Seraphim Rhapsody includes celestial artwork from visionary artist Erial and Dov's text of the story, and is the perfect music to wind down the day or to create a connection with the Seraphim at any time.... 'If you've ever wondered what it would be like to swim undersea like a dolphin or whale, listening to Seraphim Rhapsody may give you a sense of it. Dov uses his violin as his sea voice and creates conversations with the sounds of whales. This is a great concept, and it is more than just a gimmick to sell New Age music albums. Dov's dramatic violin performs open-heart surgery, cutting through to the essence of human emotion. Sometimes his music is sweet and nourishing, and other times it is deeply penetrating. If you want to be submerged and uplifted at the same time, you can order this CD.' Lee Stone - april/may 2002 music review for Innerchange Magazine ''Dov's music is so spiritual and deeply transporting and uplifting. Art and music merge into a beautiful harmony of magic and lovelight sound... - Rev. Janna Shelley Parker Author of 'The Action of Compassion, Mercy and Love' Newsletter 'It is so very moving and beautiful. I love the way it moves energy through me- I feel sadness lift and release, deep and profound peace, my heart open and open again, continuously throughout. The encoding that is released through the tones and sequencing so clearly takes me 'Home' to deeper union with Spirit.' - Kim Spalding Gary 'Dov' Gertzweig is a Composer, Environmentalist, Music Producer, Violinist, Artist, and Writer who utilizes the arts to enhance appreciation and awareness for our eternal link to the natural world. He has written over 300 musical compositions, many of them songs and pieces that relate to nature, and performed on hundreds of concerts and events spanning classical, pop, folk, rock, improvisational and new age music..... His compositions are aimed at healing, upliftment, and uniting the traditions of the classics with the future of music.


Artist: Dov
Title: Seraphim Rhapsody
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 5/10/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502699531
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