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Numb to Sound EP

Numb to Sound EP

  • By Dov Kogen
  • Release 23/08/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Perhaps my interest was peaked because of the way light reflected off the surface, beaming into my unknowing eyes. Maybe it's majestic appearance in such a dull room pulled me toward it. Either way, I was attracted. I floated toward it; fascinated, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But how could I have? I was only two years old! Governed solely by the Epicurean principles of aesthetics, I knew nothing of logic and rhetoric. Put simply, I saw what I wanted, and I went for it. Sleek and smooth, it's body was magnificent, unlike anything I had ever seen. I picked it up; rather, it fell on top of me. Instead of crying, I remained in an unusual state of awe-filled concentration. I plucked a string-it resonated sound throughout the room. I giggled. Ah, my first jam session. By three years old, I had become an acoustic singer/songwriter. Working with a bulky classical acoustic at least twice my size, I belted, 'guitar, guitar, guitar, guitar,' at the top of my lungs, harmonizing with a melodic staccato rhythm fit for the free jazz era. When I started playing seriously during high school, the guitar's purpose had considerably transformed since my first original song, 'Guitar,' or my first lessons in the fourth grade. Music had become an outlet for my frustrations. Having moved across the country twice in one year, life was often difficult. I was placed in socially awkward situations, and my world was thrown into a chaotic whirlwind of change. But when I played guitar, when I sang, my problems were erased. Music was my opiate; I was addicted, and at times, it was the only thing that could make me content. It was my therapy; the spaces between the strings were a filter for all of my frustrations--ten minutes alone with my guitar after a rough day would completely reverse my attitude. When I was 17, I began playing shows with 'Among The Hidden' as a singer/guitarist/songwriter. The band has helped me grow over the last few years, and the bonds I have formed with my band-mates are cast in iron. I knew deep down, however, that I wanted to simultaneously guide my art toward a divergent path. In 2004, I began writing songs for a solo project, incorporating a different production perspective and songwriting style. The vibe I sought to create maintained the intellectually stimulating lyrics and heart-wrenching hooks while experimenting with swirling harmonies and theatrical liveliness. I was writing for a stage and recording for myself. Having completed the '4049 Sophomore Sessions' in April, 2005, I partnered up with David Navama of Reason Media Group in May, 2005 to work on some demo tracks. Just as the guitar had captured me 18 years prior, the music seized us! I hatched the framework for a Concept EP, and we set out full speed ahead! The result is the 'Numb To Sound EP,' which was independently released August 10, 2005. This is my first acoustic rock opera, telling a tale of adventure, development, and artistic pursuit. Well, perhaps this is my second...the first may just be that jam session 18 years ago...what a night.


Artist: Dov Kogen
Title: Numb to Sound EP
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/08/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479147302
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