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  • By Don Nilan, Jr
  • Release 22/08/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $22.36

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Product Notes

Hello, thank you for listening to my music. I have loved music for all of my life. I really do not know what to say on this site about myself. I will say that I am very into writing, playing, recording, mixing, and mastering my own sound. I have spent seven years pressure washing roofs and washing windows to raise the money to get my own recording studio. I worked for it one piece at a time. I knew I would be playing Christian music at a young age. I wrecked my motorcycle as I was doing a 100-mph on the way to renew my license. I was 18 years old and testing my motorcycle's performance after a job had been done on the front forks. As silly, as this was just before I hit the pavement at about 80 miles an hour I was praying to Jesus very seriously. YES! I was really praying that day and as I hit the pavement I bounced up in a perfect fetal position and tucked in my arms and rolled and flipped and flopped and to make a long story short I walked away. I was bruised and although my helmet faired well my arms did not. I had a massive infection on my arms from the road rash and the doctor wanted to do something I was not in any mood for. I began soaking my arms in peroxide and praying over them every night in the sink. I believe within one week the green film was off of my arms and I was healing. I know some would say peroxide did this and maybe this is so? I myself was amazed that somehow my family thought of it and I was ok. My motorcycle was totalled. I promised God from that day forth I would only play music that was glorifying to him or beneficial in some way. Anyway, I started playing other instruments along the way and here I am. I thank Jesus for being patient with me because it has been a long road for me. I hope you enjoy the music and yes I am working on another CD. God bless ...... Don Nilan JR.


Artist: Don Nilan, Jr
Title: Godsound
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 22/08/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479365386
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