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Doko Benjo

Doko Benjo

  • By Doko Benjo
  • Release 12/08/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

A chilly night in November of 2004 found several members of the yet-to-be-formed Doko Benjo congregating for a few giggles. Cary picked up a guitar and casually strummed through several hits from his catalog of original tunes (which, at days end currently stands at 14,002). A voice from the crowd lamented that it was too bad CKP had no band to perform said songs with. \'Great Scott!\' he exclaimed (and later added 1.21 Jiggawats) \'Let\'s start a band!\'. Practice began a few days later and the journey was underway... First on board was Rusty. With his ability to tap into a seemingly endless supply of energy, he was a natural choice for laying down the bass lines. And the timing couldn\'t have been better, as he was looking for a creative outlet after an unsuccessful audition for Barbershop 3. Next was Spoon. Although practicing with a band would pull him away from those things that he dearly loved (TV and ironing), he decided it was time to get back behind the drums after a 10-year layoff. Geoff somehow coerced his way into the band...he actually wasn\'t invited to the first practice (or any of the subsequent practices for that matter) but managed to \'show up\' with his trombone everytime the crew got together. Dave and his saxomaphone joined in with aspirations of covering \'Who Can it Be Now?\'. Sadly, this dream has not been realized (yet). With a healthy collection of \'dudes\', it became painfully obvious that a lady was needed to even things out a bit. In stepped Amy, who had been singing in her car for at LEAST 15 years. Tired of hearing that he looks \'a lot like Paul Reiser\', Willis came aboard with guitar skills that make grown men weep. Last (and certainly not least) Stizo brought a trumpet, some turntables, a few rhymes, a bucket of chicken, and a life-sized poster of Alfonso Ribeiro to the table and the band was complete. The name Doko Benjo honors the creator of the modern day art of origami. Although rarely credited for his work (most historians reserve this honor for Larry Dooglesby), Mr. Benjo serves as an inspiration to us all.


Artist: Doko Benjo
Title: Doko Benjo
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/08/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479863110
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