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Bong 93 E.P

Bong 93 E.P

  • By Dogmixer
  • Release 5/12/2006
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Recent press and radio The E.P has recieved airplay from radio stations across the world incuding Radio one - Huw Stephens Radio one - Rob Da Bank Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 (Prague) Tilos FM Radio, Bucharest (Hungary) Alooga Radio (Germany) Fuel, Xm Radio (Chicago, USA) DI FM, Duy do (USA) 209 radio (UK) the Alien air show on KXLU FM Radio (Cal, US) Fm cocolo (Japan) Angus Robinson, Money shot radio, Proton (US) Spacelab (US) Ibreaks - Lifecycle show (UK) FREAKIN RADIO - UNDERGROUND WEB BEATS It has also recieved some Good reviews Magazine Reviews Textura mag Bong 93 presents four aggressive samplings of dance-oriented futurama from Dogmixer (London, UK-based electronica producer/musician Matt Watts). The title cut's all acidy mayhem and grinding breaks while Watts' dystopic blend of chugging electro-techno gets a panoramic workout on 'Who Are You?' In a funky, breaks-centered remix, Lifecycle (Geoff Dent) turns 'Bong 93' into a tripped-out blaze of drums and percussion. The EP's best cut might be 'Mind in Motion (666 remix)' where Watts pairs a cryptic voiceover with an elastically tight locomotive steam that verges on trance it's so insistent. The Dogmixer style is purposefully punk-flavoured but isn't so tough that emotive melodies don't find their way into the mix now and then. Bong 93 is both Dogmixer's second EP and Replicant Society's second release and bodes well for both (future releases include a label comp and Dogmixer's Telecommunications full-length). January 2007 Barcode magazine New release from London-based producer/musician Matt Watts on his own record label, Replicant Society. Bong 93 is Dogmixer's third EP release, and having heard this I wouldn't mind investigating those either. Four tracks are on show - the title track opening with gusto, a sharply produced instrumental with edgy guitar sounds buried amongst lashings of warbling keys and film samples - it's thick on atmosphere. Virtually all the tracks follow this path, and whilst there's nothing particularly original going on, the mood, melodies and production ensure captivating results. Who Are You? is a marvellous track, bustling along like a steam train with seething synths winding around a cacophony of speech samples and chugging rhythms - the speeded beats are repetitive but appropriate. This track in particular reminded me of a band called Noise Unit - a side-project by Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber. All in all, a very solid release of fast-paced atmospheric dance/soundtrack music with some choice melodies - well worth investigating 7.5/10 365 mag Dogmixer is the moniker of British producer Matt Watts, a versatile producer in the field of electronic music since 2002 who refuses to be categorized as a ´one-style only artist´. Eclectisism is his middle name, as he has been exploring the realsm of electronica, techno, IDM and, using the Dogmixer alias, breaks. Bong 93 is the 2nd EP released under the Dogmixer alias that already saw the support of Rob Da Bank, Huw Stevens and leftfield club DJ's. The release starts off with the original version of Bong 93, which immediately kicks in with a supersonic sequence of breaks ans warm synthesizers. Unlike other breakbeat-esque tracks, this one comes with a rather futuristic vibe. The choice of trancey synths, warm sound effects and intense drum sounds result in a unique atmosphere that made me think of a high-speed video racing game. Nice one! Who Are You? introduces a series of soft synths and reverb sounds, after which the rhythm kicks. The beats and percussion are in a less complex structure as in Bong 93, yet the dark synths and effects give this one a similar sonic vibe in full overdrive. The break features a trancending and dreamy blend of various synths and bleeps, after which the track rock on with more ferocious beats and cool effetcs. Track number three, entitled Mind In Motion (666 Remix) reduces the tempo to a more housey groove, with a cool vocal sample introducing the actual rhythm. The cool thing about this one is that it features that warm atmosphere as heard in the uptempo breaks tracks, but that the frenzy beats have been replaced with easy-going beats and claps. Progressive meets house, resulting in a fine piece of electronic music. Closing the disc is Bong 93 (Lifecycle Remix), which builds up to a solid rhythm with an uptempo sequence full of bongo's, drums and a sliced-up vocal sample. The rhythm sounds more mechanic on this one, like a factory machine on acid, but it will certainly be of big effect on dancefloors and festivals. The synths on this one are great, adding real value and melody to the track, without scaring the ladies off the dancefloor. Bong 93 is a remarkable release in the breaks genre, as it features a supersonic vibe that is unique in it's kind. For some reason, the sound of it made me feel like tuning my car, building in a 100.000 watt subwoofer, and race towards the horizon while breaking the sound barrier. Well, something like that anyway. I can recommned this release to any break DJ who is into prolific sounds and intelligent strutures, as it is more than able to raise the level of adrenaline of people regardless of their location. Youri Jozee (NL) 7.5/10 One week to live Magazine Starting with a sample of Patrick McGoohan's proclamation about not being a number, this one fights it's way out of the 'phones with a jumbled beat and some killer synths. At times, it seems the drumming is random, missing beats here and there and adding too many at one time, but it's clearly intentional and it works. Over the top of this is an exhilarating electro treble synth that zigzags over the breakdown, underpinned by a foundation of wah wah sounding bass synth and machine gun drum fills. Flip side 'Who are you?' is a bass laden breakbeat number, with shards of techno bristling out of it like a sonic hedgehog. 'Mind in Motion' throws down a swerving piano bassline, and is quite the deep house number. A nice contrast. 5/7 Tasty fanzine Bong 93 is a dance-friendly intelligent techno type affair which joins the likes of Glasgow's Satellite Dub and Paul Hartnoll's solo stuff in forging a way for new, more organic sounding electro. Reverbing keyboard melodies are the mainstay of the sound over the top of the break beats which underpin a driving rhythm, especially in 'Who Are You?'. Spartan use of some film track sci-fi samples and a an off kilter breakdown after about 4 minutes make for exciting listening. The housier 'Mind in Motion' deals in more lightly off-kilter key changes, unpredictable stop starts and more clever use of samples to animate the pauses and string the whole thing together. Accomplished work. Butterfly crush mag Dogmixer, Bong 93 EP On Bong 93, a Christmas release-date collection of markedly un-festive electronic wizardry, dystopia-fascinated Londoner Matt Watts presents - as promised - a sterner, more breakbeat-familiar proceeding than that offered by his Coasting EP of 2005. Happily, it transpires, the potency of the seductive, oneiric mystique that is Matt Dogmixer's calling-card is none the worse for it. On this EP's title track, the insect-like penetration of acid bass and a scuzzy grime-scene hook press darkly, like sentient forest-shadows, inwards and downwards on the listener's space. Otherworldly melody and dialogue sampled from The Prisoner, a show with scripts famously rich in metaphysical suggestion and psychotropic experimentation, complete one's impression of an electronic soundscape symbolising the unconscious mind - music for the world dreaming badly. The track's reworking by Lifecycle, more linear in form and less attritional in tone, is shrewd and efficient in drawing out and heightening both the hypnotic rhythmic impetus and the melancholic unease of the original mix. 'Who Are You?' constructs a more rapid and assassin-stealthy vehicle for the transmission of the Dogmixer's compelling spectral atmospheres and melodies, but reproduces to a tee the air of psychological intrigue and anxiety found on 'Bong.' A recurring harpsichord-like sting echoes John Barry's musical activities in the 60s/70s Cold War world, and this EP's fascination with Patrick McGoohan's television masterpiece is manifested further by Number Six's three-word question of identity being made the object of monomaniacal focus. Though primarily a smooth gliding by, 'Who Are You?' has enough degenerative phases - the hovering approach of haywire electronics, McGoohan's voice distorted into an animal moan - to imply, following The Prisoner itself, that the answer to this question may well be a maddening and disturbing one. Finally, 'Mind In Motion' (666 Remix), in spite of it's title and spiritual guru-speak, sets things on a comparatively less mental, decidedly more physical footing with the primitivist 4/4 smack of it's unbridled tribal electro, moving ivory-white in moonlight as rave-era clarion calls abound. The promise of Coasting being both expanded on and consolidated by this release, one wouldn't bet against the forthcoming Telecommunications full-length holding it's own among electronica's finest in 2007. Ben Hebel Urb Magazine REVIEW IN URB - 'Original version of this is one to really lay back and trip out to. London Breakz Lifecycle gives it some dance floor energy with some nice edits and beats. There is also two other tracks, 'Mind in Motion' and 'Who Are You', on the flip that are also more for listening pleasure, one being on the 4x4 minimal tech-house tip and the other breaks' Carl Loben REVIEW IN DJMAG - 'London Breakz mainstays Lifecycle turn this eerie slice of futuristic robo-funk into a clattering futuristic breaks missive. Cyborgs should set their phasers to stun.' 3.5/5 A massive thanks to everyone who is supporting this release!!!! Dogmixer, aka Matt Watts, refuses to be pigeon holed into one genre or scene: his music is to be conceived as an eclectic musical journey through the realms of Electronica, exploring, Techno, Electro, Breaks and IDM.........' Writing and producing electronic music since 2002, Dogmixer has taken a natural approach to composition following his moods and dreams, and achieved a style which is musically hybrid and fused. Dogmixer also owes much of his style and feel to his interest in Sci-Fi, a general concern for the state of the world, and a pessimistic, nearly cynical attitude. The aim of the Dogmixer sound is to create a highly sophisticated and unique piece of Electronica which haunts the listener, is darkly futuristic, atmospheric with a tough Punky edge. Bong 93 is the 2nd E.P from the Dogmixer and so far it has gained much respect and admiration from the likes of Radio ones Rob Da Bank and Huw Stevens, Pat Murphy's Alien Air Show on California's KXLU and Japans FM Cocolo, plus a host of internet radio shows, alternative electronic and leftfield club DJ's. The E.P also includes an outstanding breaks remix of Bong 93 from Breakbeat artist Lifecycle. Currently signed to DJ Tamsin's cutting-edge, heavy Nuskool label, London Breakz, Lifecycle is also responsible for the darkest material to date on Keith McDonnell's progressive Electrofly imprint. This is the 2nd release from Replicant Society, the new Electronica label and events organisation whose main intent is to put out an eclectic blend of quality, emotive, deep atmospheric Electronic based music as well as hybrid music that you can dance, relax and trip out to. Other releases over the coming months will include a very special Replicant Society compilation album, a new E.P from Downtempo artist Kirmann and.


Artist: Dogmixer
Title: Bong 93 E.P
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 5/12/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 843041040808
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