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World Through My Eyes

World Through My Eyes

  • By DJ X Tech
  • Release 6/06/2006
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Biography, DJ X Tech breaks the molds of the trance genre with his newest release entitled The world through my eyes. Fitting enough for the CD cover. Born on Oct. 25th, 1977 in Krakow Poland, DJ X Tech moved to the United States when he was 3 years old. Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale Florida DJ X Tech was influenced by all types of music but it wasn't until he started frequenting an after hours nightclub in downtown Ft. Lauderdale named The edge that he started composing his own music. At the ripe age of 12 DJ X Tech started with nothing more than a Casio keyboard to his name. During the late 90s DJ X Tech moved to Chicago where he bought his first computer and the electronic revolution began for him. After downloading a little internet program from the internet which was called Hotstepper which was nothing more than a very simple easy to use drum sequencing program he started creating beats which came from his minds eye. Afterwards, DJ X Tech started to buy every single piece of hardware that he could get his hands onto and started spinning decks at multiple nightclubs and venues. Growing tired of being behind the action of just spinning other artists work it became a mission for DJ X Tech to leave the decks behind and it became a mission for DJ X Tech to create his own sound composed of his being following in the footsteps of his musical idol DJ TIESTO. Staying true to his European roots behind the decks DJ X Tech spins mainly euro and house but behind his instruments he creates a style that's filled with vision and reflection on his life's journeys. After being signed to a major record label located in Hollywood California and being stripped of his music which may as well have been his soul, DJ X Tech founded X-Records in late 2005. Now, after forming his own label and developing a loyal following in the trance genre DJ X Tech reveals the world through my eyes which is not only ear candy but a deep look into his soul. With Erotic Beats and Sweet Victory as singles already in the loop DJ X Tech is enticing listeners from all over the globe with his unique brand of expression. The world through my eyes is a CD that is not to be missed and future releases are sure to please the masses.


Artist: DJ X Tech
Title: World Through My Eyes
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 6/06/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479306365
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