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Rebirth: Life of An Icon

Rebirth: Life of An Icon

  • By DJ Oreo
  • Release 19/05/2009
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $11.51

Product Notes

With Over 1,500 Instrumentals produced in his career, 3 albums under his belt: (1). M.V.P (2) Don't U ever Doubt Me (3) SELF - TITLE and GREATEST HITS: THE GLENN ROBERTSON EXPERIENCE .........DJ Oreo a.k.a 'TRACK DEALER' well known as an inspirational artists - is that individual that most would say is truly a 'GO GETTA'!!! Born and raised in Dallas TX, OreO has always surrounded his self around music. His biggest influence was in rap music but also shared interest in gospel. Being apart of a Christian family, he found it hard to commit his self fully to rap. At the age of fifteen his mother threw away every rap CD he had ever own. Since rap wasn't allowed in the Robertson family, OreO picked up a keyboard and started creating his own music. Oreo has never taken piano lessons, but has the ability to play by ear, which very few people can do. In 1999 OreO's grandmother, Erma Jean Robertson passed away due to diabetes. Shortly after her passing, OreO decided to take his music to another level by creating DJ Oreo and Erma J Productions. With his passion for music, OreO teamed up with many local artists in Arkansas to establish a name for his self. OreO has produced tracks for artists such as Eferno, Yung Tut and Myunderstood. DJ Oreo after producing for 7 years, later decided to step inside the booth in 2006 and give the world his views and vision of life, music, love, struggles, etc. Using every album as a stepping stone to reaching out to his peers and younger crowds, showing the world that your are never alone in what you go through. Now DJ Oreo is Back and Highly Motivated with 2009 being 10 years since Erma Jean Roberston past, 10 years since he has been producing, and 10 years anniversary of the name DJ Oreo, Currently working on his biggest album yet: 'DA REBIRTH' - we all need a fresh start, a new beginning, this album represents so much like a full story from start to finish. Competing against past hit singles like 'I'M DA DJ, MJ'S ON MY FEET, HANDLE DAT, SPOTLIGHT, AND GET IN DA ZONE'............ DJ Oreo PLANS TO SHOW THE WORLD THIS TIME AROUND HE HAS BEEN REFORMED, especially after not dropping an official album since October 2007. ERMA J. PRODUCTIONS OreO says, 'C's Land ENT. Has really improved and shaped me as an artists.' The world will soon found out that OreO is not here to start beef or create haters, but just to live his dream to the fullest. OreO has always put God first and his life and wouldn't live life any other way. Through it all, OreO has continued to walk with faith and believe in his self and nothing can stop him now!!!


Artist: DJ Oreo
Title: Rebirth: Life of An Icon
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 19/05/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502082166