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Mix.01 Erotic

Mix.01 Erotic

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Product Notes

Sebastian Anthony Arcabascio, also known as DJ Sebas Arcabascio was born on August 17th, 1972 in Southeastern Michigan. The youngest of three brothers, His oldest brother Mike Arcabascio died after only being born for two weeks due to a weak lung. The next to be born was Mike Arcabascio named after his older brother in memory. Vito Arcabascio + Antonina Arcabascio were both born in Sicily, Italy. His true luv is 'Trance without a doubt" says Arcabascio...He quotes as saying "It just does something 2 me".... Well whatever it is that it does we all can see it's evident in his mixes. In late 1998 at the age of 26 a close friend gave Arcabascio a CD that would forever change his view of music + life forever. The CD was 'Tranceport' + the artist was Paul Oakenfold. After listening to that CD Arcabascio wanted to explore + learn more about Electronic music + the art of mixing. In early 1999 he started mixing various genres of music via CDJ mixing software [Sonic Foundry]. He soon realized by mixing various DJ sets together from various genres of music that he could create a unique genre of music. In the summer of 2000 he went to Europe for two months to study Architecture, while in Europe he was exposed to European Techno Music + Discotech Clubs for the first time. The two months he spent in Europe would become invaluable + become the foundation for his style of mixing. His early influences were from such DJ's as: Armin Van Buuren • The Chemical Brothers • Franky Bones • John Digweed • Paul Oakenfold • Paul Van Dyk • Pete Tong • Seb Fontaine • A young Tiesto + Underworld. In Sept 2004 to May 2005 DJ Arcabascio to an extensive trip to europe once again this time to gain more exposure and fan base while also learning more about Euro House and Euro Dance. He mainly lived in Barcelona, Spain for most of the trip. He stuck to smaller venues such as 'Sugar', 'Zoo' and '243 BCN'. He also made a few apperances at 'The Loft' a well know club in Barcelona, Spain. Without a doubt, his ear for taking so many styles of music, Trance, Progressive Trance, House, Deep House, 2 Step, UK Garage and NY Dance, to name a few, has made his sets requested on radio stations in Europe. In September of 2005 he has again relocated to Cali to learn more about west cost style of mixing and gain more exposure. From the west coast of the States to as far as Spain and England, DJ Sebas Arcabascio is becoming a force to be heard in the arena of Electronic music. ARCABASCIO's GOAL: To continue learning + exploring new artist + genres of music...As long as I luv music I'll continue making CDs for my fans + myself....If the luv doesn't fade then neither will my desire..... ARCABASCIO's VISION: My dream job would be a Radio DJ or promoter of music + artist....I know that I have an ear for music + talent, but my strength's aren't in live mixing per say, but more in the recording phase, editing tracks or re-mixing a track. I love exploring + discovering new upcoming talent + defining different variations of genres of music... ARCABASCIO's MISSION: To keep doing what I luv to do on my spare time....That would be listening to new music, finding new artist, researching new equipment + staying humble yet determined in my goal of someday doing this for a living....I live music without a doubt, I want to be evolved in some aspect with either a famous DJ, Record Label, Radio Station or Annual Event to say I have made my dreams come true! DJ Influence's: • Armin Van Buuren • Bad Boy Bill • Basement Jaxx • Cass + Slide • Chemical Brothers • Chicane • Dave Ralph • David Forbes • Erick Morillo • Franky Bones • George Acosta • Ian Van Dah • John Digweed • Josh "The Funky 1" • Kennith Thomas • Layo + Bushwacka • Mark Farina • Misstress Barbara • Paul Oakenfold • Paul Van Dyk • Pete Tong • Rui Da Silva • Sander Kleinenberg • Sasha + Digweed • Seb Fontain • Tiesto • Underworld DISCOGRAPHY: • Erotic - 1999 [Trance] • Set Me Free - 2000 [Trance] • Awaken Me - 2000 [Trance] • Alpha + Omega - 2000 [Trance + House] • Korean Symbols - 2001 [Trance + House + 2 Step] • Timeless - 2001 [Trance + House + 2 Step] • Jump Start - 2002 [Trance + House + NY Dance] • Fluid - 2002 [Trance + House + NY Dance] • Equilibrium - 2002 [House + Deep House + Electronica] • Cum Ful Circle - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Electronica] • Euphoria - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Progressive] • Surreal - 2003 [Trance + Deep House + Progressive] • Back 2 Basics - 2003 [Trance + Deep House] • Respect - 2003 [Tech House + Trance + NY Dance] • Promo CD - 2003 [Various Genres] • Deutschland - 2004 [Trance] • Reminisce - 2004 [Trance + House + Techno] • Funkalicious - 2004 [House] • Encore - 2006 [House + Dance + Electronica]


Artist: DJ Sebas Arcabascio
Title: Mix.01 Erotic
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 12/09/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479375088
This product is a special order