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Lord I Am Coming Back

Lord I Am Coming Back

  • By Disciple 2
  • Release 14/06/2005
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Presenting jimmy bolding a man of vast talents and visions jimmy and longtime partner lee van bivens are sough after as musicians as well as gospel entertainers. Possessing faith as big as the man himself, his musical and spiritual presence is felt on- stage. Beginning his musical journey in greenville south carolina as a church and concert singer, he and partner bivens organized the group, the gospel dynamic's and treveled throughout the country alongside long standing artists such as the mighty clouds of joy, the williams brothers, the dixie hummingbird and many others. Shortly after, bolding desired to record professionally and were provided this opportunity by nasboro and black label records. Under the direction of producer shannon williams, the debut album sweet gospel music was released and posted excellent sales throughout the united states. Today, as always, jimmy is moving forward with vigor. He has, under the direction of christ launched his recording and production company, the bertha music group/bertha records. As the premiere artist on the label, bolding envisions utilizing his experience and expertise as an engineer/producer/artist to develop new talent for the bertha music group. Continuous efforts to serve other have made jimmy a leader in music, civic and church organizations as he communicates his message of love and reconciliation. His activities reflect a total commitment to breaking down barriers between people. Jimmy's voice speaks of joy, hope, the human condition and responsibility we have to god and others. Fusing music, mind, spirit and mission, bolding presents a powerful package that touches the hearts and minds of others, unity of all people is the theme in his work. Seeing beyond the original sin, to the original blessing in life and creation that god pronounced all things good, jimmy urges his audience to spread the word, that life is precious, god is love and love is a creative process in which we are co-creators. Love is life-giving. As an artist, bolding believes that god has gifted him to look at a dim situation and see glory, see what ought to be there, and move beyond reality into another sphere that in the final analysis, changes reality. He seeks to share that blessing of unity with others. In my ministry there is music and in my music, there is ministry. Jimmy bolding producer, the bertha music group.


Artist: Disciple 2
Title: Lord I Am Coming Back
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 14/06/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 670659110421
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