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Vol. 1

Vol. 1

  • By Dirty Brown Eye
  • Release 17/01/2006
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

If you live within 100 miles of Yonkers, NY and go to see bands live, you have probably heard of Dirty Brown Eye, or by their more gentile abbreviation, DBE. For those of you that are not familliar with the area, that 100 miles includes NYC, Albany, and most of Connecticut and New Jersey that's worth mentioning. That's not an easy reputation to get, and an even harder one to keep for the eight long years that DBE ran. They got that rep the hard way, by churning it out, show after show; loving their fans, flipping off the critics, and generally leaving a whole lot of stunned audience members in their wake. When you meet these guys, the last thing that they'll ever tell you is that their band was 'successful'. While they are giants on the stage and in the studio, they are some of the most humble, and- dare I say- nice people you could ever meet. The DBE wrecking crew is comprised of some of the best underground talent there is to be had. Bassist of doom, Art Micewicz and phenominal drummer Jim Horan started what eventually evolved into DBE when fortune had them run into Ron Kachinic, who they knew for a long time in the neighborhood, as well for his unbelieveable guitar work in MORTICIAN and MALIGNANCY. The three guys got together and after a while singer Jimmy Gibbons, formerly from INSULT II INJURY was given the task of being the frontman for this mighty power trio +1. You may incorrectly assume that because of the band's chosen name, they're more of a comical bunch, using humor and shock value, but the opposite is actually true. The DBE name came about as a product of a long night spent in one of the local watering holes, where after bantering about band names for hours on end, they jokingly decided on Dirty Brown Eye, with the intension of changing it later. In a twist of fate after playing a few shows, they quickly became known locally, and were stuck with being the rotten ruffians known as DBE. The lyrics and messages in DBE's material are nowhere as sophomoric as their name may suggest, and in fact tend to focus on the spiritual, the viceral, and psychological. Heavy to the last, but also haunting and etherial at times, DBE struck a chord with their audience, and the strikingly good group with the vulgar name was kept in the minds and hearts of all who saw them perform. The Dirty Brown Eye machine was ripping at full speed in the early years of the millennium. After releasing their debut 'Vol 1' CD in 2000, DBE garnered much noteriety both locally and nationally. They opened for well established national bands like NUCLEAR ASSAULT, OVERKILL, E TOWN CONCRETE, and 6 FEET UNDER. Sweat laden metalheads everywhere loved DBE. In an era of rap-rock and nu-metal, this was the way it SHOULD be done. This is how metal SHOULD sound, and these are the guys that deliver the goods like Fed-Ex. Every-f***ing-day. If you never saw DBE live, and spent your time at some stupid Limp Bizkit show instead, please stop reading this and stab yourself in the eye with a sharp pencil. Believe me, you deserve it. Though it took more effort in production and recording, DBE released their follow up CD, 'Vol 2' in 2004. Though never truly marketed to the extent that 'Vol 1' had been, this second release was a success in it's own right, doing very well on regional and internet radio. The hottest tracks on the record are probably 'Who Stole The Soul' and 'Pawn'. By late 2004, DBE was starting to show some dissention in their ranks. The three core members, Art on Bass, Jim on Drums and Ron on Guitar wanted to go heavier and harder, while frontman Jimmy Gibbons was seeking a more melodius sound, and was contemplating bringing keyboards into the band. As is apt to happen when creating art, both personal and creative differences arose, which lead to DBE's singer vanishing without a trace. The remaining DBE crew soldiered on, and wishes their former frontman all the best in future endeavors. Today you can find the former DBE crew has united with Shane Tierney of LEVIATHAN and Desmond Tolhurst of Head Trauma to form PRIMER BLACK! One of the many 7th Level Records artists!


Artist: Dirty Brown Eye
Title: Vol. 1
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17/01/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479235146
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