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Product Notes

From the very first chord you can feel this group's true passion for what they do! Dirty&Earthyvibes' multitude of melodies reaches deep down inside, grabs a hold of your soul causing your body to sway and you to sing along. Long after the last note is heard, you will be left in high spirits and echoes of their songs playing in your ear. In 2003, Dirt&Earthyvibes began performing in Dallas, Texas. Desiring to play music with friends of all styles Dirt brought together The Doctor, China Maze and B Maniac. "I consider myself lucky to know these guys and even more fortunate to make music with them," says Dirt (aka David Hall, vocals, guitar, harmonica). "With Dirt you have a mutli-instrumentalist, inspirational vocalist and brilliant songwriter. China Maze portrays a class act numerological musical mad scientist coined as a holistic healer with acupuncture needles if you get a head ache!" adds B Maniac. Messages2Mine, the bands sophomore album is jam packed with emerging sounds of tomorrow's music which seemingly know no boundaries and always leave you wanting more. Beat by beat, Dirt&Earthyvibes appeal to all human emotions at one point or another in their lives. The band sings stories of life and dreams of tomorrow with imagery that will take you to a fantasy land. With legendary influences such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Hank Williams Sr. and Sam Cooke, mixed with the reckless abandonment of boundaries that you would find from more recent musical geniuses such as, Beck, Jack Johnson and Outkast, it's no wonder Dirt&Earthyvibes are splashing onto the scene in a very big way. . The boys are back in the studio putting the finishing touches on their next album which is slated for release in January 2009. "With our music, the mood is most it dictates everything we do," says Dirt. "The emotions derived from the mood is what drives the groove," adds B Maniac (drums). Messages2Mine is what Dirt calls, "a beautiful souvenir of our lives." Each song tells a tale of past experiences in their lives. Having filtered through 41 songs, prolific songwriters, Dirt&Earthyvibes narrowed the tracks down to 20 pre-produced songs. From these 20, ten of the most telling songs were selected to take the audience through unique rooms of melodies and feelings. Song selection was heavily based on the concept of contrasting moods in between songs. "From the very beginning of the album, the audience is led to a slow climax which than takes them to a calming after the storm, picking up again and gently tucking them in," says Dirt. The track titled, "Zimori's Song", a remake of, "Danny's Song", is best described as this certain calm. "Dad used to sing this song to us when we were little. The original is about a man who is excited about becoming a dad. We changed the premise behind this song to reflect on a man apologizing to his son for the relationship between his father and mother not working out." states Dirt. "China Maze, who plays percussion, and Dirt knowingly share differing musical philosophies, but once on stage together, the chemistry is inspirational," says the Doctor (bass/vocals). "China Mazes' musical insight transcends time signatures and lends an edgy feel to our solid backbeats," adds Dirt. "Dirt&Earthyvibes are a trip man. When I hear them I see images of their music and lock into their souls through their excellent songwriting and beautiful melodies. Dirt trips me out with his harmonies....he has a sense of humor like Thelonious Monk. I sponsored their official funk card membership courtesy of the James Brown/George Clinton Intergalactic Starship."-Bernard Wright, composer and world renowned keyboardist for Roberta Flack, Roy Hargrove, Marcus Miller, including working with Miles Davis as a teenager, Herbie Hancock and George Clinton. "They meld Hendrix and Marley and mix in Outkast and Beck just to stay current. Dirt&earthyvibes are inoffensive and endearing, especially on such playful numbers as, "Sunshine" and "The Lobster Train"- Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer, music critic. "These boys are jamming! A top notch production, excellent writing, vocal and performance, sounds full and rich in the studio." -Sam Putney, K104.5 Radio. #####.


Artist: Dirt&Earthyvibes
Title: Xy
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 3/03/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502040395
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