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Sarasvati's Dream

Sarasvati's Dream

  • By Diane Mandle
  • Release 6/11/2007
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This is Diáne second CD created as a Sound/Dreamscape and inspired by the Hindu goddess Sarasvati who is the goddess of beauty, the arts and prosperity. Diáne Mandle, Certified in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing and Polarity Therapy. Member of Sound Healer's Association and the Healing Music Organization. Diáne is a nationally known sound healer, recording artist and author (Ancient Sounds of a New Age: Introduction to Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments), bringing over 25 years of insight and experience to her work. She has been conducting educational sound programs, healings and concerts for the past 8 years and to date is the only State Certified Tibetan Bowl Healer/Instructor in California. A frequent guest facilitator at the Deepak Chopra Center, she travels nationally, expanding people's awareness about the science and effectiveness of sound as a healing modality. Diáne has a background in performing arts from Stephens College where she graduated in 1972. It was there that she was introduced to Buddhism, and her interest in this has taken her to Nepal and Sikkim several times where she was able to deepen her understanding of the cultures where the Sacred Sound instruments were created and utilized. In addition to authoring numerous articles, Diáne's CD entitled 'Return to OM has received critical praise. She is also a guest performer on CD 'Turning Pain into Serenity' by Clinical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist, Michael Samko, Ph.D. Search for Integrative Healing: Passionate about integrative healing, in 2000 Diáne was powerfully drawn to the ancient Tibetan tradition of sound in healing. She was taught and certified by a master and pioneer in this tradition, Richard Rudis, founder of Sacred Sound Workshops. Rudis found in Diáne a worthy protégé and requested that she continue this healing work. She has since traveled to Nepal several times to immerse herself in the culture of these instruments. Diáne's childhood and early life gave her a deep sensibility to sound. Born of a French mother and American father (spending her childhood between Southern France and the US), her innate attunement to sound deepened with the influence of these two cultures. As she matured, she was attracted to further explore sound and rhythm through movement and dance, and was particularly drawn to the polyrhythms of African and Latin music. During her extensive travels, she came face to face, heart to heart, with these cultures. Later she obtained her Master's Degree in cross-cultural communication, with a thesis on African music. Diáne's search for a way to help people on a deep level eventually led her to include a broad range of methods in healing that integrate body, mind and spirit. She studied and assisted in presenting several workshops on Energy Balancing at the Kripalu Yoga Center and received certification in Polarity Therapy from the Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswitch, MA. She also incorporates guided visualization and focused dialog as an experienced Life Coach. Current Practice: Since 2000, Diáne has moved her practice from Amherst, MA to California, now residing just 25 miles north of San Diego. Diane's unique blend of healing modalities is deeply transformative on all levels of being. In addition to working with individuals, Diáne conducts sound healing presentations for the public, concerts, workshops and provides a high quality of products for the body, home, office or temple.


Artist: Diane Mandle
Title: Sarasvati's Dream
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 6/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 805238820624