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  • By Diana Robinson
  • Release 4/07/2006
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

All tracks written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Diana Robinson. Diana uses a Macintosh Dual G5 running Cubase SX recording software, a MOTU 896HD hard disk recorder, VST (Virtual Studio Technology) Plugins, Stylus RMX, Fxpansion's BFD Drum Kits, Kontakt, Miroslav Philharmonic VST, Spectrasonics Trilogy Bass VST, Waves Production Mastering Plugins, a Kurzweil K2600R and a Yamaha P120 keyboard controller. Chill for Jon R. Music by Diana Robinson I wrote this first Chillout piece for my nephew Jon who gave me the highest compliment when he said he was going to put it on his PSP. Chill for Adam F. - Why Run Away? Music and lyrics by Diana Robinson I wanted to write a lyric in the Chillout style and this one matched the Chill mood very well. I'm singing the lead vocal and all three harmony parts on the chorus. Chill for Emily R. Music by Diana Robinson I had some great sitar and tabla samples and wanted to make a piece that would sound Indian. Years ago I studied Indian music at NYU and always found the rhythms interesting. Chill for Rachael R. Music by Diana Robinson This is a moderately uptempo Chill with some interesting sound effects and rhythms. Chill for Adrienne F. Music by Diana Robinson This is a dance groove in the Chillout style. It builds up from some very basic chord structures and is a great treadmill workout tune. Chill for Kristin S. Music by Diana Robinson This starts out very ethereally then develops into a nice groove. I created a 'Mark Isham'-style trumpet line with lush strings. It builds up from a simple atmospheric beginning. Chill for Joel R. Music by Diana Robinson I started this groove and couldn't stop adding synth parts. It has a lot of accessory percussion and arpeggiated synth lines. The percussion parts were recorded with my nephew Joel in mind. He is a percussionist. Chill for Joanna S. - Your Eyes, Your Hands Music and lyrics by Diana Robinson This Chillout started out as an instrumental but the lyrics developed out of the melody line I was playing. I am singing lead vocal and all three harmony parts on the chorus. Chill for Barbara S. Music by Diana Robinson This Chill starts out with a 'nature' theme then develops into a dance groove. This is also a good tempo for the treadmill. I used a lot of arpeggiated synth lines and several synth pads to create the lush texture at the beginning. Thanks This CD is dedicated to all my neices and nephews and other assorted relatives. I hope these Chillouts will help inspire you to pursue each of your own creative paths in life. Thanks to my brother Bob who listened to lots of remixes on his iPod while drinking Americanas at Starbucks. Thanks so much for the encouragement as I ventured into yet another musical style. A special note of thanks goes to my Mother who somehow had the patience to give each of her four young children piano lessons. She also got us to practice until we all became proficient enough to love music on our own. Without her encouragement we would not know the daily joy music brings. As always, thanks and much love to my husband Jack.


Artist: Diana Robinson
Title: Chills
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 4/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479321306
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