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Diana Pops

Diana Pops

  • By Diana Pops
  • Release 13/06/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Bio Diana Pops has a gift. It sounds cliché, but it really does seem like the only way to explain the prodigious talent of this young singer / songwriter and the way she arrived on the indie music scene in Canada. At 16 years of age, Diana had a pretty typical teenagers life: school, friends, hobbies, baby sitting gig for the neighbor. There were a couple of noteworthy exceptions. One of her hobbies, songwriting, had already produced hundreds of songs. And her regular baby sitting job was for the family of an award winning album producer. (Hmmm...what's going to happen next?*) As the story goes, the producer was working on an album for a two time Juno award winner, and they were a song short. Diana, (who is actually quite shy and not given to aggressive self-promotion), cranked up her courage and handed him a tape of three of her songs. Both the producer and the artist were immediately captivated by a song of Diana's called "Subtle Shiver", and they promptly added it to the album. The artist and producer happen to own an independent record label. They were so taken with Diana's giftedness as a songwriter and singer that they signed her to a contract to make an introductory EP. Her self titled debut was released on March 12, 2006. Diana has just completed a cross Canada tour as the special guest of Steve Bell. Bell, winner of multiple Juno's and numerous industry awards, says "There is a beauty and maturity about Diana's songwriting that belies her youth. She is the real deal - the keeper of a great artistic gift". Diana currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She continues to write and sing fantastic songs and to gig across the country. Album Notes Sometimes, particularly in the world of popular art, creations whose intended application was advertising turn out to be so striking that they are worthy of framing and enjoying on their own artistic merit. Diana Pops self titled EP is such a work. Originally produced to introduce new listeners to this young emerging singer / songwriter, Diana's EP has the range, depth, maturity and sophistication of a full-on album project. From the opening, radio friendly ballad "Be My Love", through the drifting jazzy melancholy of "63rd" and the tender folk of "Mary Janes", Pops delivers one outstanding song after another. Anchored by Diana's deft piano, a thoughtfully recruited cast of outstanding musicians contribute to a rich pastiche of sounds and moods, taking the listener on a journey that is one part longing, one part hope, two parts poetry, a dash of wisdom and a pinch of cynicism. It all adds up to an outstanding debut. Listen deep. Watch closely. Diana Pops is just getting started.


Artist: Diana Pops
Title: Diana Pops
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 13/06/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775572122220
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