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Dialing Zero

Dialing Zero

  • By Dialing Zero
  • Release 28/01/2003
  • Music Genre Easy Listening
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Blended together like the perfect iced mocha, Dialing Zero fuses the sounds of soul, jazz, funk, folk, blues and more to create it's own original blend of music. Since the Fall of 1999, the band has delivered fresh sounds to audiences around Los Angeles and the crowds keep coming back for more. While Dialing Zero draws on musical influences from some of the great musicians of the past, the band still manages to create a sound that is unquestionably both new and unique. The music is simultaneuosly representative of what music once was, what it is now and where it will be. ____ Rebecca Carlish - Lead Vocals/Harmonica Rebecca's parents discovered early on that 'Rebecca wasn't like all the other children.' Why? Because 'cute little Rebecca' sounded like a Mississippi blues woman at the tender age of five. Living proof that big surprises can be found in small packages, Rebecca is an enigma. Still in her early 20s, she has been compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Annie Lennox and Sade. Her powerful lyrics tell stories of the trials and tribulations of our human condition in a way that is honest, perceptive and humorous. On top of it all, she plays a 'mean-ass harmonica!' ____ Aron Cowen - Guitar/Vocals To the best of anyone's knowledge, Aron was raised by a pack of wolves in the wilderness of Calabasas. He was discovered passed out on the grass outside of a Phish concert in Santa Cruz by fellow Dialing Zero band members. With an acoustic guitar wrapped around his neck, his future band mates decided to steal his guitar from him. However, the strap of the guitar could not be removed without waking him from his slumber, and fearing that Aron might not be willing to part with the guitar so easily, the band decided to take him with as well. Years later, Aron still refuses to let go of his guitar and thus remains the lead guitar player of Dialing Zero. To date, the band considers this a blessing. ____ J-Cause - Drums/Air Guitar Raised on some of the toughest streets upper-middle-class Los Angeles has to offer, J-Cause grew up knowing the importance of a 'sky pa ger.' Feeling that his troublesome adolescence was not burdensome enough on his poor parents, he took up the drums at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped making loud noises since. Despite the fact that the first years of his drumming development may have been stunted by his obsession with mimicking the sounds of the glam rock bands around him, J-Cause has managed to move on with the times, branching out from rock to funk to soul to jazz. Other than his charity work involving the care of balding, one-legged camels, J-Cause lives to be a rockstar and refuses to be silenced (we're just lucky he can actually play the drums). _____ Joe Willis - Keyboard 'Soul Joe Willis' is what his band mates affectionately call him on occasion. Bred on the beaches of Santa Monica, Joe has overcome crack, a long beard that once almost suffocated him and classical piano training to become one of the funkiest mofos to lay hands on them pearly whites. He is truly a virtuoso amongst the virtuous. _____ Bradford Craig - Bass A native of Santa Monica, Bradford Craig was first musically inspired by listening to his two older sisters' nonstop piano practice. While he is trained in the traditions of classical, jazz, and South Indian classical music, Bradford Craig also knows how to put the boogie in your butt. He has played with Guitarists Ry Cooder and Charlie Byrd, as well as virtuoso South Indian singer/double violinist L. Shankar. Most of his time is spent practicing and playing his 7-string bass, but the scope of his music also extends to studio engineering, programming electronica, and composing art music.


Artist: Dialing Zero
Title: Dialing Zero
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 28/01/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057498027
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