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  • By Dialects
  • Release 15/03/2005
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $25.42

Product Notes

Dialects began blazing up stages and cooling out house parties in 1998 when Arcane (dru bayly) and Syne (brian brink) began their journeys through both music and college. Both had been inter- ested in music since their youths in Chicago and Cincinnati respectively, but it was here in St. Pete, FL of all places that the full dedication to their music was realized. Both Dru and Brian studied philosophy and religion in college, which one, influenced their emceeing by creating positive spiritual and political ideas & vocabulary in their lyrical content, and two, helped them each develop strong hard work ethics. 'Dialects' is derived from a couple of philosophic ideas. Socrates used the idea of a dialectic to explain how two opposing sides, when seen together, can show a clearer picture than a single side. Thus Syne and Arcane try to portray true messages to their fans through their opposing styles and personalities. Also a dialects is a subdivision within a language, where different people speak the same language, but speak it distinctively different, distinguished by their dissimilar speech patterns and slang. Arcane and Syne are essentially two dialects united under one mission in music, thus the name was created. The two began writing all the lyrical content and orchestrating live bands in performances and individual musicians in studio production. Instantly their intense energy on stage drew crowds to their shows and left fans asking for more recorded material. So in the summer of 2001, Dialects recorded their first studio album, Mantras, in the completely underground Lion's Den Studio. They continued the union of the paths of music and college through the summer of 2002. They did so by recording and performing with various reggae, hip-hop, funk, and jazz musicians and producers, while each, Arcane and Syne, simultaneously earned separate BA's in both Philosophy and Religion. Upon graduating and realizing the limiting nature of St. Pete/Tampa Bay's small size, Dialects decided to further dedicate themselves to their music by recording their second album in the midst of their large decision and action to move to Philadelphia; underground hip hop/live music fusion mecca. Immediately they started networking with new musicians in Philadelphia who inspired Dialects to develop an even more exciting and fine tuned stage performance. After several months of performing energetic crowd exciting performances in Philadelphia, and working with Humble Camp to mix, master, and manufacture the recordings into album quality presentation, Dialects re- leased their second album, 'Be', in August of 2003. The album began in the intense heat of the Florida summer and the emotional aftermath of college graduation, went on an insane and almost comedic United States road trip, including some crucial recordings in Chicago, relocated with Dialects on a spur of the moment move to our nation's first capital and 'city of brotherly love,' survived the severe freeze of an incredibly blizzard filled Philly winter, and some how ended up back in the Florida heat for the final mastering. The journey that Dialects and the album took are fully portrayed in the versatility and emotion of the 'Be' album, which consistently still receives rave reviews and steady airplay on local radio stations. The Philadelphia scene has continued to influence Dialects, and Dialects it. Currently Dialects, under Humble Camp, produce and perform some of the most category shattering musical acts in Philadelphia, receiving regular press, and can be found on stage with local notoriety as well as hard at work on the road booking local and national tours.


Artist: Dialects
Title: Be
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 15/03/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 625989392023