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Real Epic

Real Epic

  • By Demetrios Katis
  • Release 16/12/2003
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $24.49

Product Notes

'BILLBOARD World Song Contest AWARD WINNER 2008 'LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS' WINNER - Best Classical 2007 'LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS' 2 Nominations in the 'Film Score' & 'Classical' - 2007 JUST PLAIN FOLKS MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - 2006 'Perhaps this music of mine brings to mind a diffused colourful description of heavy weight images and a feeling of a grieved heroism which lies back there in the ancient & medieval anguished times blended with the melancholy of a poet promenader.Though it is an orchestral / instrumental kind of music it has also a feeling of a pure power rockin' metal sound and sometimes new age as well. The fair light which is sourced from the woods of springs reedems a forlorn promise and penetrates the dark fear of the unknown. 'Real Epic' also describes the heroic American defenders of Alamo ('Gallant Defender) and the Greeks of Thermopylae (August 480 B.C.), moreover the epic saga of the pre-celtic 'battle of Moy Tura' and the proud close historical relation between the ancient Greeks and the Irish, Welsh, Scottish people, depicted thru the track of 'Isles of the Dannan'. 'The Siege of Yorktown' is about the American revolution, and 'The Loss of the Heroes' is dedicated to the heroic & brave crew of the space shuttle Columbia. Love and passion placed in an epic saga, past and contemporary wandering knights against distorted truth, barbarian tribes and delusions of grandeur. Castles and temples, ancient warriors, kings & queens, glory and romance, lost worlds, space encounters and the endless agony of searching for alien life in the relativity of the Universe. Also daily cases & situations of simple people may suddenly be transformed in an epic gigantic unexpected story. All these matters and others can be covered by this music as well'-DEMETRIOS KATIS Tracks, descriptions: 1.The Gathering of the Tribes - Mythical gathering of Druids and celtic warriors. 2.Gallant Defender - Dedicated to the brave American patriots defenders of Alamo. 3.August 480 B.C. - The battle of Thermopylae, 300 Spartans against thousands of Persians. 4.Roman Legion - Blazing March of Roman legionaries. 5.Isles of Dannan - Celtic myth and mystique flavour, Irish sea fog and the sailed Danaoi clan from Argos. 6.The battle of Moy Tura - Dannans against Fomors, mythology of Ireland. 7.The Loss of the Heroes - Fallen heroes from skies, crew members of Columbia. 8.Magnificent Lui - King Louis XIV of France. 9.Renascent Desire - A strong but avid desire of a Venetian knight for a young lady upon a castle. 10.The Siege of Yorktown -A strong part of the American Revolution. 11.Brave dance of Zeus - The human instincts of a god of antiquity. 12.Rebirth among the Ruins - World War II. What people in the Music Industry are saying about Demetris's Music: 'Demetrios Katis is an amazing talent that continously creates memorable and provocative music. His dramatic material effortlessly combines passion and power with amazing chops. Demetrios is clearly one of the world's best modern composers in his genre.' Gene Foley - Foley Entertainment, Inc. NJ, USA Demetrios - Right on the money (or drachma)! Strong, convincing pieces that carry just the right amount of musical Russell Crowe (noble, brave and prone to getting into a fight) for this purpose. You've hit the target with your bow, musket and cannon. Excellent work ! Track Gallant Defender', the sound of epic nobility, right from the start, great job ! Track 'The Gathering of the Tribes'. Another dramatic entrance. Cool use of gongs for flourishes. Subtle male voices add a nice dimension. Time to put on my chain mail and fight ! Demetrios, your thematic ideas are strong and clear. Good sectional contrast and thematic development. Creates strong and clear mood.' TAXI A&R Department Calabasas CA, USA * 'Demetris is a man of passion, and music is his passion. As a person he is positive, sincere and cheerful, yet his music can be mysterious, haunting and enchanting. His soul and his spirit soar with the mystical characters of old, and it is easy to get carried away by his melodies.' Ted Johnson KOOL MUSIC, Toronto, Canada *Having had the privilege of hearing Demetris' earlier release 'The Blazing March.....From Genesis To Europe' an epic symphony, my expectations were quite high on receiving his new CD compilation 'Gallant Defender.' I was not disappointed. Although not a symphony of such epic proportions as 'Blazing March' it was as we might expect from a composer of Demetris' stature, a composition of very well crafted dramatic works. Graced with attractive melodies, each piece stands alone as a dramatic composition yet still the underlying dynamics of struggle, war, tragedy, heroism, and rebirth can be found in each, thus tying the whole together. Vigorous, and exhilarating are some of the first words that spring to mind as we can almost feel the call to arms and the gathering of the clan in the opening salvo's. There is a logical musical progression here, realistically capturing the tension, and as it builds, we are transported to another place, another century, and yet at the same time we remain aware of the prevalent struggle occurring on a parallel in our own times. The rite of passage from warfare to sad loss to hope is flawlessly traversed, and while the compilation in general is directed at the dawning of a new era in ancient times it could quite easily be adapted to any country, any struggle, any rebirth in the modern world. This is quite apparent when listening to the poignant 'Fallen Hero's' piece, dedicated to the crew of the space shuttle Columbia. The sound quality is excellent, and quite superb considering it is primarily digitally recorded by Demetris himself. I am quite curious as to what keyboard instrument(s) he used to so realistically capture certain orchestral instruments. On the overall I found the whole experience to be intellectually rewarding and the musical journey itself very satisfying indeed. Charlotte Hannon Atlanta Music Group. Marietta, Georgia USA *Dear Demetrios Your music is excellent and very moving, keep on trying--you are very good. Bob Rice FBI four bars intertainment Campell, CA USA *Hi Demetris, your epic sounding cds are great. Best, ron Ron Proulx ARPIX MEDIA INC. Toronto, Canada *Demetrios, these tunes are very rich, orchestration wise and work well in the drama department.The playing is very good and the arrangements are detailed and sophisticated. The recording quality is high. Overall, a very fine job. Track 'Roman Legion', Very large arrangement . Multi textured. Use of vocals interesting. Well recorded. Dramatic and evocative. Track 'Rebirth Among the Ruins', Highly dramatic use of horn sounds with the timpani. Works well here. Arrangement shows range with sectional contrast and dynamic shifts. Fine arrangements, evocative and passionate. TAXI, A&R Department *Demetrios, Another strong group of tunes. The two tracks are wildly dramatic with evocative writing quite in evidence. I enjoyed all the tunes I heard. Sounds were largely cool and the playing is fine as well. Good job. Track 'World War II', Hugely dramatic chart. Amongst all the stuff going on is a rather decent melody line. Track 'The Loss of the Heroes', Again, very dramatic. Strings are large and evocative. TAXI, A&R Department *Dear Demetris, Many thanks for your two CDs, your music is very good... Nick Farries Carlin Production Music London, UK. *Dear Demetrios, I am the music supervisor on Oliver Stones's films, I like your music... Budd Carr Beverly Hills CA *Dear Demetris, there is so much to enjoy on your CD... Ian Amos Ia music management Brightlingsea, UK *Dear Demetris, Thank you for your CDs, I very much enjoyed listening to two great demo discs. Sarah Wade Tigress productions Bristol UK.


Artist: Demetrios Katis
Title: Real Epic
Genre: Classical Artists
Release Date: 16/12/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479585326