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  • By Demetre
  • Release 25/07/2006
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Demetre ARGYRIOU was born in THESSALONIKI GREECE Demetre was very much influenced by the age of nine. His major influences were Bouzouki Players, Composers, Writers and singers, like MANOLIS HIOTIS and GIORGOS ZAMPETAS. Demetre'S favorite singer of all time is STELIOS KAZANTZIDIS. Demetre started singing from the age of eight and started practicing and learning to play the Bouzouki. He was self taught and learned to play by ear. One day there was a concert in the neighborhood theater and the Bouzouki Player in the band did not show up. The band needed a replacement immediately and Demetre at the age of eleven was asked to fill in. This was a very important position to fill. By the age of twelve Demetre started playing in local night clubs 2 nights a week. At the age of fifteen Demetre went to ATHENS GREECE and started to play with a well known and recognized singer called MANOLIS ANGELOPOULOS. Demetre ARGYRIOU AND MANOLIS ANGELOPOULOS. At the age of twenty Demetre went into the Navy and played in the Navy's band. While in the Navy Demetre met three great and now famous singers, song writers and composers, ANTONIS BARDIS, ANTONIS STEPHANIDIS and MOURIKIS. During his twenty seven months in the Navy he collaborated with these now famous artists. Demetre also collaborated very closely with STAMATIS KOKOTAS, DIMITRA GALANI, they played various occasions and get together while in the Navy. Demetre ARGYRIOU AND ANTONIS BARDIS At the age of twenty two Demetre went out on his own with a female singer SOTIRIA BELOU. He also played with and corresponded with a music director, composer and music writer NAKIS PETRIDIS. In 1973 Demetre left GREECE and went to Montreal Canada were he played in a cafe called DILINA CAFE were he worked with various popular singers from GREECE such as YANNIS PARIOS and Demetre MITROPANOS. In 1976 Demetre moved to the UNITED STATES. He toured through out the UNITED STATES with a show called HOLIDAY IN GREECE. Through all the years of Demetre'S evolution he had major influences from American artists such as CHICK KOREA, HERBY HANCOCK, JOHN MCLAGHLIN, PACO DELUCIA and AL DIMEOLA as well as a wide variety of classical music. Demetre ARGYRIOU AND YANNIS PARIOS Demetre feels that by listening and studying different artists and there varied music styles helps him to diversify his own music styles. He always believes in improvising. 'This new album is an ECLECTIC FUSION of various influences that I developed overtime. This does not include the use of Bouzouki or my vocal singing. It is a complete opposite of the music I have been playing. It is a true sign a diversification and expansion of my musical career. This music expresses alot of feeling and mood through sound.' Demetre.


Artist: Demetre
Title: Demetrecivilization
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 25/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479356001