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Praise God's Love for the World

Praise God's Love for the World

(Duplicated CD)
  • Release 17/09/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

About the music in the CD: "Praise God's Love for the World" is a CD of inspirational Christian music presenting a medley of spiritual songs for the worshipful praise of God and for the blessing of the soul. Reflecting the genre of modern Christian Gospel music, the musical styles of the original work include popular ballads, contemporary gospel and traditional worship songs, and psalm-like choral tunes, with classical and sacred musical impressions. The descriptive lyrics of the songs are embellished with biblical truths and a specific scriptural reference is offered for the theme of each song for meditation. The charismatic melodies of the songs bring forth tranquil, jolly and heart-stirring feelings. The music expresses great hope and healing comfort in the midst of human life circumstances, and reveals the divine presence of the Almighty God, through the faith in the assurance and manifestation of God's goodness. The musical sound of the CD is conducive to invoking a sense of the beauty of holiness and heavenly atmosphere in the environment. Listeners may experience the transforming and delivering power of God through the music which is refreshing to the mind and therapeutic to the heart. The CD can also provide an opportunity to possess the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives. Performing artists in the CD: This music CD features various artists who performed the music. Songs are sung by dynamical soloists who excellently articulated the musical messages. The singers' admirable and ingenious styles of singing are complemented by a variety of uniquely arranged accompaniments for each of the songs. The instrumentalists and producers are top-notch musicians in Los Angeles and Nashville. The composer of the songs in the CD: Music has always been a joyful experience in my life. I grew up singing hymns at home and performing classical and folk music in a metropolitan children's choir. Throughout my life, my musical thoughts have been influenced by different styles ranging from medieval to contemporary. While studying music composition and theory in college, I have learned to especially appreciate baroque, classical and romantic music. In my journey of musical development, my seminary study in December 2002 became a turning point allowing me to have a desire to write gospel music. A songwriting seminar helped me to develop insights into recognizing the importance of writing Christian music and there was a deep realization within me to publish good music. I love writing music to praise God's love. And it is always a great pleasure to share my gospel music to proclaim God's goodness for mankind. My songs include my perceptions about life in view of the creative power of the Father God, my understanding of the eternal love of Jesus Christ and my experience of the redeeming presence of the Holy Spirit. As I feel spiritually inspired, I compose melodies and lyrics to sing God's praise and to express my adoration and worship of the Trinity. It is my hope that those who listen to the music will also feel encouraged and praise God. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Some history of the recording: Since this CD is a compilation of my original songs which I began writing for publication in 2003, the music is recorded by different companies and producers in the music industry. For example, "Divine Love" and "Hallelujah, Alleluia" are my first songs recorded by HillTop Records in Hollywood for the inclusion in the IN THE BEGINNING CD album produced by Tom Hartman, 2004, featuring Cody Lyons and other musicians. "The Highest Name" and "Thank God" are songs also recorded by the same company in my original titles "Jesus, The Most Powerful Name" and "Everlasting Thanks" for the GLORY cassette tape in 2005; these two songs were first recorded for the SONGS OF PRIASE CD album produced by Greg Adams at Amerecord in 2003, featuring Bobby Lloyd, Joan Rochette and instrumentalists. Other songs in the CD have been produced and recorded as single demos through Paramount Group in Nashville. "Mighty Love" and "The Loveliest" are my most recent songs which have won the Directors' Awards in the Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competitions. These songs and "Holy Jesus" have been included in the "Catch a Rising Star" CD albums recorded by the company. The song entitled "I Delight In You, O Lord" has been recorded in my original title "His Divine Smile, My Delight" by the same company. "Worship The Lord" is recorded as a contemporary Christian worship music of a classical choral excerpt of my cantata. The recording of my longest song in the CD "Sanctify us, O Lord" shows a continuous use of rhymes throughout the lyric. "The Dove That Brought Peace" is an operatic song of consolation seeking to impart special grace for the future of the unspeakable joy to come. May you enjoy great peace and experience the goodness of God as you listen to the music. May the Power of God's unfailing love bless your soul. May the Love of Christ touch your heart. May the Holy Spirit comfort you. For Mother's Day 2009: I wish you a specially happy mother's day on the Lord's day this year. I pray that we have God's power and wisdom to honor our mothers truly (Ephesians 6:'Honor thy father and mother. . .it may go well with thee. . .'), and I also pray that the Lord will preserve mothers from all evil and preserve their souls (Psalm 121:7). For my mother Rev. H J Kim: I deeply thank God for my mother who has always been the most cherished person in my heart and life. My mother has supported me to love and worship God in the holy and pure way as a Christian saint throughout my life. My mother is precious and noble to be honored. I hope to honor my mother greatly and more in the days to come.


Title: Praise God's Love for the World
Genre: Gospel
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 17/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479884580
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