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Music from the Heart

Music from the Heart

  • By De Luna
  • Release 19/12/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This is De Luna's first CD. Being that De Luna is inspired by music from around the world, she selected songs that would represent a few different countries. It is a beautiful CD, with both traditonal music and a few original compositions. This CD, as well as De Luna's other CD's, is used and enjoyed by many massage Therapists and Reiki practioners. Sound has the ability to transport the human spirit to different states of consciousness. People have been aware of this since ancient times. Wordless sound transom messages that are accompanied by states ranging from tension to relaxation, uneasiness to a sense of well -being. It is my intention to provide music that facilitates a journey, visiting several different attributes of life, culminating in a sense of serenity and inspiration. De Luna was born on the island of Malta, one of the small group of three islands in the Mediterranean sea (owned by Britain at the time) to a Maltese mother and an English /Irish father. Because of her father's work, the family moved frequently between the British Isles and Malta. At the age of ten, De Luna and her family moved to Brooklyn, NY Music has played a very important part in De Luna's life, offering her the comforts and deep joy through her many transitions. The harp came into her life in 1991 when she was given one by a parting friend. She moved to the mountains and became totally enchanted with the joy of playing the harp and actually taught herself to play. She spent countless hours exploring, experiencing and studying the harp. From her varied travels, she developed an interest in music from all parts of the world. She became interested n classical Indian music and studied with Sitar master - Roop Verma. She now has released three CDs that have a soulful mix of traditional music from many parts of the world and original compositions. De Luna now lives in New Hampshire playing at festivals, special events and many other venues. I am still available and happy to play for weddings, concerts, house concerts, receptions, Memorials, Social events, Corporate events, Childrens and Senior Programs, bedside visits for the invalid, and any special event that you would like harp music for. Well that is it for now, if you have any questions please email, I'd love to hear from you. 'Instruments of heavenly blessedness are the harp and psaltery.' Hildegard Von Bingen I also want to thank you all for your support thru the year. It is thru your support that I am able to continue to share and develop my music. What a journey it is! This year it has brought me to many different places, Sharing with lots of people of all different backgrounds, I love it. I started my year by adding a lot of old favorites to my repetoir, since I play in a lot of Nursing Homes and Assisted living. I love seeing the smiles as I bring out those good old tunes. I am also continuing to pursue Certification in 'Music For Healing and Transition.' Having done this sort of work for years, I decided it was time to become certified, I am still in process and I am grateful for it has brought me more clarity on my path. This year I was also blessed to play for more Beautiful Weddings And experience the blessing of families joining together in love and joy. It is funsharing my music with so many different People who share the love of Harp music. Meeting people who wanted to be added to my list of harp students. Some have had a life long dream of playing the harp, It feels so good to be able to be part of fulfilling that dream. My students vary in age from 6- mid 70's. I love to see the different ways people learn. And also to hear how lovely the harp sounds at any level of playing. I offer: day long and,and half day long group workshops.So if you want to play the harp let me know, we will sign you up for a workshop. Tyhe registration forms are on my website. I still enjoy doing concerts, they are listed on my web page. If you can think of any appropriate venues, I would love to have the feed back. I am also available for House Concerts. Once again I thank you all for being part of my dream, may you all enjoy satisfaction in your visions. May we all hold hands in contributing to a more harmonious society, so that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be able to share in peace and joy.


Artist: De Luna
Title: Music from the Heart
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 19/12/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479452178