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You & Me & Everybody Else

You & Me & Everybody Else

  • By Dc3
  • Release 25/04/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Powerful songs, beautiful songs, get-up-and-jump-around songs, sit-back-and-take-it-all-in songs - all of them with great melodies, vocal harmonies and a strong musical backbone of drums, bass and guitar. Woven with classic rock/pop songwriting sensibilities and strong yet sensitive lyrics, DC-3's music is both uplifting and memorable. And that's not just hot air; look around the audience at their next concert. You'll see their fans singing along. And more importantly, you'll see other people start to sing along with them. On stage, frontman Derek Cintron simultaneously sings lead and plays the drums STANDING UP! And he doesn't just play the parts. He delivers the material with incredible energy and passion, pushing his voice to the limit and attacking the drums as if his life depends on it. When compounded with Fernando Perdomo's ferocious bass playing and Tony Medina's aggressive yet agile guitar work, the resulting physical performance is both powerful and riveting. Tony and Fern also deliver three-part harmonies, adding a touch of sweetness to the band's fiery music. Without a doubt, these guys have their own sound - and it's a BIG one. It's classic arena pop-rock, and it's meant to be played in arenas and theaters. And while DC-3 definitely has the nostalgic, old-school pop-rock thing down, they add a fresh spin to it with their high-energy performances. Maybe that's what gives their music it's timeless quality and appeal. Their stuff could be released in 1977 or 2007; either way it would still be relevant. Lyrically, DC-3 nails it on the interpersonal/introspective stuff. "Too Much Time Has Passed" beautifully describes the inner turmoil encountered while trying to better one's self. "Divorced" depicts an adulterous liaison with a married woman. On "Athena", a lament about wanting to keep the girlfriend and "the girl on the side", the vocal performance and the sentiment in the lyric is so genuine, you find yourself feeling for the guy! But that's only half the story, because the band covers as much ground lyrically as they do musically... Wanna learn more? Buy the CD!


Artist: Dc3
Title: You & Me & Everybody Else
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 25/04/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 690387998924
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