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Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

  • By DB Warren
  • Release 30/10/2007
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Well where do I begin? I suppose if you got this far, then you are interested in some of the musical details... So for what it is worth, here you go!!! We used many different guitars on this album including my favorite which is a Taylor 614 that is set up 3 half steps down and then often "Drop D tuned" using medium Elixer Nanoweb strings. Also used on this album is a Semi Vintage Gibson ES 5 Archtop "Switchmaster", a Squire Acoustic Parlor guitar, an Ibanez 7 string Electric with scalloping, and a Fender Stratocaster, Eric Clapton Model. Much to my surprise, I am often asked "who are my musical influences"? I had not really thought much about this point, until it was suggested that I declare my influences officially for our website... So here you go in no particular order: Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, the Allman brothers Band and especially Gregg Allman, George Benson, Honk, James Brown, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, John Heussenstam, Will Brady, Van Morrison, John Klemmer, Ausie Payton, Buddy Guy, BB King, Joe Satriani and of course Prince ! From the outset, the idea behind this album was to have "no filler"; and to present a broad range of guitar styles such as Jazz, Blues, Slack Key, Rock, Folk rock, pure acoustic, and even some stuff we are not to sure how to categorize... desperately tried to avoid presenting 14 tracks that sounded "the same"; but hoped to offer an interesting variety of tracks that represented my musical styles... This also meant enlisting the help of some of Hawaii's most accomplished musicians to lend their seasoning for a tasty musical journey... Mahalo for listening and supporting us... Stay tuned for our second album which is already 70% completed and is scheduled for release in Spring 2008 Once in a Blue Moon Track 1 Lost in the City Time: 3:14 / Key of E Flat Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Drums: Jason Smith Bass: Reuben Durham Tenor Sax: Rockford Holmes Keyboards: Fred Thomas Wow, how to choose the "first track"??... Originally, I wrote this tune with Lyrics that I hoped someday a "Hottie" Jazz Vocalist would agree to sing; but we were lucky enough to enlist the help of Hawaii's Best Sax player, Rockford Holmes. Originally, Rocky just provided the intro and outros; but when we decided to have no vocals on this album, we called him back to provide the melody lead using the sax in a "John Klemmer" style of the 70's... Oh man doesn't this just give you "Goosebumps"??... Track 2 db's Song Time: 4:19 / Key of A maj 7 to A min Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitars: DB Warren Other Guitars: Reuben Durham Bass: Reuben Durham I named it this, cuz' it's so fun to play; and this tune covers a lot of musical ground. I spent many years traveling for work and carrying a guitar in and out of airports; which is no easy trick these days... Guitar Bags make airport security freak out worldwide... Anyway this song is a product of waiting in airports all over Asia... I noticed that the bored travelers around me enjoy this tune as it developed; so there you have it... That's also why we used it in the traveling portion of the "Jasmine and Sanook" video... Track 3 Angelique Time: 2:32 / Key of D flat Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Flute: Rockford Holmes Keyboards: Reuben Durham As this track developed, we considered it, as a soundtrack for "Love at first sight"... The deep resonating bass of a force "bigger than an oncoming cruise ship", giving way to euphoric feelings represented by the dependable guitar arrangement and highlighted by the light hearted flute work of Rockford Holmes... Isn't this just 'Love at First Sight' Track 4 My Lucky Charm Time: 3:45 / Key of E Composer: DB Warren Electrified Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Electric Rhythm Guitar: DB Warren Electric Lead: Reuben Durham Electric Violin: Leslie Kline Hammond B 3: Fred Thomas Double Bass: Fred Thomas Lots going on here! It first starts with my overall acoustic guitar arrangement filled by the incomparable Fred Thomas on the Hammond B3 organ... Think Deep Purple, Allman Brothers and virtually "everyone else, way back when" using the B3... Reuben Durham doubles up on the tasty lead and dances around Leslie Kline's accomplished violin in an unlikely, "Call and Answer" violin/guitar licks, that reminds us of some Irish Folk tunes mixing it up with some Southern Rock, layered with a funky Jazz/ lounge back beat, courtesy of Fred Thomas... Makes you feel kinda lucky... Yah? Track 5 Still on My Mind Time: 4:13 / Key of F# Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Bass: Reuben Durham Flute: Rockford Holmes This tune was so much fun!!!... Clean, clear acoustic guitar arrangement playfully interwoven with Rockford's magical flute... Each flute riff represents a host of different "private mental thoughts", that all of us seem to contemplate about our "lover"..., of course some thoughts are happy, some sad, some pensive, some aggressive, some jealous, some melancholy, some erotic; and often all at the same time... thus the title "Still on my Mind"... Track 6 The Gecko Song Time: 3:46 / Key of G major Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Parlor Guitar in Slack Key: DB Warren This tune taught me about connecting to the Universe... Of course it was 1:00am in the studio and we had a few "Jack Daniel's" on the rocks... but I swear a Hawaiian spirit visited me and brought me this gift... I am not a slack key player, don't generally listen to it, study it or write it... Just the week before this recording I was introduced to open G tuning by a friend and since my guitars are all set up "special", I grabbed my daughter's parlor guitar too test out the tuning and developed this arrangement... On a whim, we decided at the last minute to just record it and see what happened... There was no pressure to "perform"; and it was totally like waking up from a dream or a "transcendental mental state" at the end... I will never forget the guys in the control booth shaking their head and clapping... It was a truly a magical moment, that I long to recapture and will always thank the universe and Hawaii for this special gift. Oh yeah, we call it the Gecko song because we happen to see two geckos on the control booth window listening... which was also weird!!! Track 7 Always Over You Time: 2:40 / Key of E Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Lead Guitar: DB Warren This is another tune that started out with lyrics; and as it developed, there were so many chord changes and slides, that it took on a more pure acoustic character and in my thinking, somewhat of a classical guitar sound. All finger picking without a pick. The light baseline is provided by the thumb in Travis picking sort of style. Another fun tune to play... Maybe we try out the lyrics someday... Track 8 I'm Look'n Around Time: 3:30 / Key of B Composer: DB Warren / Will Brady Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Bass: Reuben Durham Keyboards: Fred Thomas By now, I guess there is no doubt that this is an acoustic guitar album... My Taylor 614 is "drop D" tuned and the percussive sounds you hear are me keeping time by smacking the guitar with my hand as I play; all of which is generously augmented by Reuben Durham's bass. Yes we have lyrics for this as well... Maybe someday we will find the right vocalist. Many thanks to Will Brady for his significant contribution to the overall arrangement... Track 9 Can't Love You! Time: 3:28 / Key of E Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Arch top Guitar: DB Warren Percussion & V Drums: Jason Smith Bass: Reuben Durham Piano: Tennyson Stephens First, I gotta mention our drummer Jason Smith who managed all the odd time signatures with perfection... This is Jason's favorite track... We also have Lyrics that someday we may record; but for now it's our "Jazz lounge act"; hi-lighted by the fabulous Tennyson Stephens who's recording and musical credits are wide, varied, and envious. Tennyson is Hawaii's finest Jazz pianist in the opinion of most on this Island, and we are honored and blessed that he was part of this recording. Reuben's engineering on this mix should be especially mentioned for the clean piano sound "in the corner" just like it would sound if you were in the Jazz lounge... Close your eyes and pretend... Track 10 Smiley Time: 3:06 / Key of F # Composer: Will Brady Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren This not so simple acoustic piece was written and arranged by Will Brady my famed guitar teacher and musical mentor. You can hear the virtuoso version on his Box works album. This track is my special thanks to Will for all his influence on me musically and as a person... Track 11 Trouble in Paradise Time: 4:27 / Key of E Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Lead Electric Arch top Guitar: DB Warren V Drums/ Percussion: Jason Smith Bass: Reuben Durham Sometimes, there IS trouble in Paradise; and the intro of this track attempts to convey that message, yet with the promise of better things to come... On this track I used the famed Gibson Archtop ES 5... It's flat wound strings offer a "Newport Jazz" sound, with a touch of hopeful melancholy that added the perfect " lead in the distance" kind of vibe, which allowed the congas, base, and my other acoustic guitar to take you to "someplace else"... Also a good track to listen to at night with your eyes closed as it is very meditative in nature... My yoga friends love it! Track 12 Tequila with Lime Time: 4:32 / Key of E maj Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Drums & Congas: Jason Smith Bass: Reuben Durham Having lived a good deal of my life in Southern California, the influence of Hispanic music and culture was as much a part of daily life as Rainbows are in Hawaii... On this track we tried to emulate, that Lazy days in Baja kinda feeling. Imagine sitting at the Tequila Bar during the hottest part of the day, looking out at aqua blue waters, ignoring your life back home, as you sit and sip, top shelf tequila... In the corner of the cantina are expatriate guys just like you, Jammin live music with no particular beginning and end... On this track each musician ends when he feels like it... It must be the Tequila and lime... Track 13 Koto Blues Time: 3:29 / Key of C# Min Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Acoustic Base: DB Warren Bass: Reuben Durham Here we take a bow to all our Japanese friends ... Key of C# Minor with capo at the 7th fret; I achieve a really unusual sound reminiscent of a Bluesy Koto. Cool back beat using both sides of the thumb on the 5/6th strings. Master Engineer Reuben Durham concocted a secret sauce hypnotic flangey beat, that helps your mind jog down this invisible path... Turn up the volume on this one and dance naked in the morning sun. Track 14 Shanghai Times Time: 5:12 / Key of B Composer: DB Warren Acoustic Guitar: DB Warren Electric Guitar: Reuben Durham Bass: Reuben Durham Drums: Jason Smith Since you have the volume up already, you might just leave it there... Yes, I did write this song in Shanghai, China... Too many years of work related travel to China compelled me to attempt to translate musically this country's enormous progress, growth, and accomplishment as a culture in so short a time... This also gave us a chance to play and experiment with 'controlled feedback' on our electric guitars, in the intro and outro portions of this song... This track suggests the growth of a determined, newly emerging world power, in the coming future... Track 15 "Jasmine and Sanook" Bonus Video Run Time: 9:38 Produced and Directed by: DB Warren Now here's a real bonus... Originally, the thought was that "me the artist" would trek to the jungles of Northern Thailand (I love Thailand) and try to shoot an unusual album cover with a big elephant... Well, the elephant refused to get into the water with me ( I think my guitar freaked him out); and soon it was apparent that he would "stomp me squishy" if I persisted... Luckily, we had a beautiful model as back up by the name of Jasmine; and very soon it was astonishingly apparent, that Sanook the elephant had bonded with Jasmine; and would allow himself to interact with her virtually anyway that she desired... Elephants generally will not lay down in a rushing river and submerge their tusks and head for any reason... Even to the casual viewer, it is strikingly clear that something very special and magical happened on that day; which we would like to share with you, since it was truly "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON"... Now we're all Pau! With Aloha... DB Warren and friends.


Artist: DB Warren
Title: Once in a Blue Moon
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 30/10/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101412728
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