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Tear the Darkness Down

Tear the Darkness Down

  • By DB Threshold
  • Release 29/08/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

For a decade Shaun Corlson (Vocals/Guitar) and Shaun Hoffmann (Drums) formed the backbone of Perth Rock stalwarts/enigma No Flowers No Wedding Dress. Never stars, nor wanting to be, but always intriguing: No Flowers released a bunch of songs still cherished by a small band of music lovers. To listen to those songs now immediately brings back memories of the late 80s/early 90s and of Perth's original music scene at the time. The Original music co-operative. Gigs at the Shents. Heading to Plaistowes. Listening to tapes. Friends and summer BBQs. Feeling that No Flowers had run out of creative steam, they quietly wound down the band. Needing to find a new outlet for their musical passion so they booked some time at Satellite Studios to record some new songs they had written. Working from the ground up of a voice, a solo 12-string acoustic guitar and some drums the basic tracks of 1000 Miles were recorded. However the it was felt that something was missing. A glue, a catalyst, an extra element was needed for the sound and for the songs. Dave Bonser came to mind as a person who might bring those necessary ingredients to the band. Not only is he an extremely talented and versatile guitarist, he has a passion for the song writing craft. He had been writing and releasing his own material for several years, with several top 20 songs on (under the name of Scalpel). Besides, Shaun Corlson and Dave are first cousins who have been saying for 15 years that they should have a jam! In March 2004 they finally jammed and David along with Shaun Corlson and Shaun Hoffmann formed the creative core of DB Threshold. Unfortunately Tim's prior commitments meant he couldn't join the band, however the bass wizard and tasteful groove merchant, Edddie 3d Robless, was added to the live line up and 1000 Miles was released quietly in May 2004 at Mojos in Fremantle. Although personal circumstances prevented the band from playing live, DB Threshold used their once a week jam nights to flesh out a new set of songs. Using a weekend of worth of Recorded jams the band and various friends helped shape Tear The Darkness Down. Produced and recorded by the band with a mix of cheap to middle range equipment the strength of the record is the songs not the sound and it's a indication that the songwriting team that forms the core of DB Threshold are worth keeping an ear out for.


Artist: DB Threshold
Title: Tear the Darkness Down
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29/08/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9320881303597
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