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Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove

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Product Notes

Tongue & Groove is the timely release of eleven tracks by the David Scott Group packed with the rebirth of Rock/R&B/Pop song writing with infectious grooves, memorable hooks and ballads that will define today and will be a part of redefining a direction for tomorrow's music in the next decade. A slick, stealth studio album featuring the freight train knock out punch that can only be delivered from New York's NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Jerry Vivino, Mark Pender, Richie LaBamba Rosenberg who recently backed up Bruce Springsteen at the Super bowl and now moved with Conan O'Brien for the new NBC 'Tonight Show'. Over 400 historical American images are matched to a timely message for the world on the premier single video : Take Me America'. A must see. Destined for recognition in the upcoming Grammy's, VH1, MTV awards.An awesome and inspiring needed stimulus of songs that will get us feeling good, back on our feet and matching memories with timeless songs. Album notes- 'Take Me America' Has that knock out, freight train punch, delivered from featuring New York's NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Jerry Vivino, Mark Pender, Richie LaBamba Rosenberg who recently backed up Bruce Springsteen at the Super bowl and now moved with Conan O'Brien for the new NBC 'Tonight Show'. Destined for recognition in the upcoming Grammy's, VH1, MTV awards, the video features over 400 historical American images including the Wright Brothers, Edison, Model 'T' Ford, Great Depression, Ellis Island, Mobil Oil, Amoco Oil, Atom Nuclear Bomb, Will Rogers, Frank Sinatra, United States Capital, World War I, World War II Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Peace, Red Cross, World Trade Center, 911, NY Fireman, New York Marathon, National Baseball League, National Football League, NASCAR, United States Olympics, United States Presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, The New Deal, Kennedy, Ronald Regan, Martin Luther King, Clinton, Bush, McCain, Palin, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, NASA, John Glen, Apollo Missions, Challenger, Discovery, Department of Defense, USMC, United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Ospreys, F16 Jets, United Sates Coast Guard, NYSE, Stock Market Crash, Recession, Gas Crisis, Detroit Big three, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, United Auto Workers, Nardelli, Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Lehman Brothers, Madoff, Fannie Mae Freddie Mac, AIG, TARP, Democrats, Republicans, Congress, Foreclosures, Hollywood California, Film Industry, Music Industry, Television, NBC, CBS, ABC, Microsoft, Apple Computers, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, New York, Texas, Houston, Memphis, Natural Disasters, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Hugo, Katrina, Rock, Jazz, Pop Music, Little Rascals, Our Gang, Miracle on The Hudson, Sully Sullenberger, Statue of Liberty and more. Destined to get America back on it's feet and become the next anthem for the next decade upon us and why you'll remember 2009 as the year we get off the couch, get our country back in shape, back to work, defining this time as the era of change we need to rebirth America as the Shepard of the planet, innovators of progress, curators of peace and to secure the future quality of life for the next generation. Why these songs were written- Take Me America This was actually the first track I recorded solo at JK's studio in 97'. It was called "Cecilia" and it was on the shelf until the summer of 08'. This album was done and JK convinced me to give it one more listen and put it on this album. Politics were having a field day with the election, the economy was sliding fast, we were all losing faith in our country and we seemed to be stretched everywhere, lost focus of how we got here and our role on the planet, so I thought I'd face lift the song to create an inspiration towards a rebirth of USA spirit. When Jerry heard it, thanks to Brian, Mark and Richie climbed on board and it became the opening track. God bless America. This couldn't have happened anywhere else. You Don't Know Never seems to fail, we all weave in and out of relationships during our journey. Some more memorable than others, some hard lessons that shape how we make and approach the next step. This track was born when a close friend was ending a marriage but later resolved the differences. It's a milestone for me since the initial tracks were laid in Sacramento with Phil many moons ago, I watched and studied in awe as Phil worked the initial tracks and let the studio breath to help develop the feel. This is where I cut my teeth on how to work a studio for the song. Thanks Phil!. I hope this student does you proud. Come Take My Heart I thought I finished this album several times over the past few years, but one night I woke from a dream where I was in my 70's sitting in a theatre watching a band perform this track. The guy sitting next to me leaned over and quietly said "this group sounded just like DSG when you released this track". It was 2:00 AM, I wrote it down on whatever I could grab. I then carried this torn paper in my wallet for over a year until I mentioned it to JK that something is telling me to record this and put it with this collection for the next release. So here it is. Got Me Guessin' Livin' on the NY/NJ circuit, playin' six nights a week, you see a lot goin' on, on the floor, from the stage. Nothin' more to say. What Would I Do A valentine for my wife that turned into a memorial for Barbara, my Mother-In-Law. When I started this song, all was well. It quickly turned when we got the news Barbara was diagnosed with lung cancer. I usually write in the studio and what comes out, stays on the track. When I brought up the track to finish it for Valentine's Day, I couldn't help to feel what my Father-in-Law was thinking and always found it hard to say to Barbara, so I finished it with him in mind expressing to Barbra how his life has been with Barbra in his and our life. It just so happens I feel the same way about their daughter, which is why it was so easy to pull this song together on the first take. We all miss you terribly Barbara, if it wasn't for you, my life would not be filled with family, love and belonging Holdin' Out Dedicated to all of us, especially the children, who were affected by the events of 9/11. Runnin' Red Lights A song with it's own legs coast to coast. When Phil played a groove and a lyric which was just the chorus, I was infected with this track. We laid the basics in Sacramento again, many moons ago, and then it went to Brian in NJ four years later, then further tweaked by Gary in NY another year later. The rhythm and percussion tracks were digital because I couldn't find anyone to play the groove live. So it sat on the shelf until last year when Rick heard the track after finishing Come Take My Heart. He wanted to give it a try. I couldn't believe he nailed it first run. Then Frank came in and the song was reborn. Roy Cooper mimicked my scats and killed the saxes. So again JK convinced me to perform another face lift, another song got bumped to make way for Runnin' Red Lights. Some things were born to never die. Besides, it's JK's favorite track. He's put up with so much on this project, this one's for him. Still in Love A simple ballad, an all too familiar subject, written in tribute to my favorite ballad writers, Dave Mason and Steve Winwood. Dreamer Started the basic framework after the first attack on the trade center in '93. We were livin' in NJ. Too close for comfort, we packed our two kids up and moved to NC. A few years later I met JK and continued recording material. Alex (7) and Kevin (4) wanted to know where I disappeared at night. So I brought them to JK's for a session. On the way they asked what I was working on, and I mentioned the chorus on Dreamer. Once they heard it, they said they could do better then what I had planned. It was a full moon, the track came up, they opened their mouths, headphones taped to their heads, left speechless, a new direction for the song was born, but it sat on a shelf and I moved on to other material. Fast forward eight years later and two more kids. Now Becca and Brian wanted to be on the same track as their older brothers, at about the same age their older brothers were, when they recorded the first Dreamer chorus. So I obliged and hence another session with JK convincing me to face lift Dreamer with all of my kids on the track, which took over ten years to record to get all the ages right. The message couldn't be more on time. Thanks to my kids and JK. This one made it on. Driving' Me Crazy Life's path these days and probably, for the most part, anyone raising a family with four kids, two careers, two dogs, a cat, a fish, a mortgage, school events, fund raiser's, lesson plans, homework, new clothes, new shoes, new cell phones, laundry, trips to Urgent Care, paintball, basketball, soccer, music lessons, birthday parties, Sunday School, tuition, planning a vacation, preparing for time off, catching up after your time off and on and on and on..... Forever Blue For my children and for everyone that becomes a parent. Children are the blessing that make us whole. I would like to thank....... Sue for her unconditional love, support, patience & keeping everything together. Alex, Kevin, Rebecca & Bryan for their inspiration, love & making my life whole. My dad, the late William Demarest Stewart for giving me the support when I needed it most and the late Barbara Molnar for believing in me from the start, I truly miss you terribly & hope you hear this now that it's finally done, your memory guides us everyday. Mom, you're right, two careers takes twice as long. Carole, Marie, Mike, Doug, Ann, Michael, Stephanie, John, Matt, Luke, Miriam, Jeff & Jeff & extended family, remember to sculpt lives together. It's been quite a journey, from chorus, band, musicals, college bands, to playing NJ & NY clubs six nights a week, to finding the love of my life, to creating an incredible family, to being surrounded by loyal, gifted friends, to creating responsible growth by sculpting our planet with sustainable living environments, being able to have the freedom of choice, to realize two passions & the American dream, and all along the way being able to share the gift of music, a gift I know no origin. The path and events that have lead to the creation of this album has been an extraordinary experience. It began after the release of my first album and the failed attempt to release a second and now the coincidental series of events that affect the quality of life for everyone today that align with the purpose of this music to release the third. Amazing, after all these years, you just never know, so never let go. It comes from shaping my direction from the years with Pete, Howie, Carl, Rob, Steve, Tony, Russ, Mr. Bill & Bob in the Ice Nine years, stretching out in Hoboken with Steve, Carl, Tom, Herbie, Jeanne, Jane & the Captin' in the Captin Spuds Probers years, struggling through unemployment, food stamps, endless nights during the most memorable years of my life six nights a week with Ray, Pete, Alex, the late, great Eddie Casanovas in the XYZ years and learning how to work a song in the studio during my first album with Phil Sillas and Larry Luzon. All this fine tuning prepared me for my move to Wilmington, NC to work with JK Loftin where we started this album twelve years ago in the back woods of his home, in a 20' x 30' cinder block studio in his backyard. JK provided the confidence, patience, talent and freedom to create as the songs evolved and matured as they still do today at his studio continually working at all hours until the next project is just right. A truly gifted musician, engineer, teacher, has a great heart and knows just who to bring in to make the track sound just right. I could not have done this without him. I've been blessed with a curse to sustain my music with the privilege of creating meaningful places to live in by respecting the view and not becoming one. A truly rewarding, creative experience that provides balance when I'm not immersed in music. This part of the journey introduced me to Doug Hilburn, the most extraordinary, gifted, graphic artist I know that realizes ideas to art. I'm indebted to him for all the late nights, weekends and personal sacrifices with his family to assist me with this project. I'm grateful to Mark Mooney and Christine Bunce of Crescent Moon Pictures to assist in assembling and editing "Take Me America" which we hope will enliven and awaken the American spirit and that is better to give than receive. Their talent, passion and devotion to their craft are remarkable. I deeply appreciate them fitting this into their lives. A truly gifted team. Whenever I was in doubt what I've completed, I've always turned to Brian Drago for his ears. Since meeting Brian over twenty years ago in NJ, the relationship was set and sustained after the move to NC. I've played him all forms of tracks at every hour at night from my truck commuting home from my construction commute from Calabash to Wilmington or after late nights at JK's studio playing him the next track over a cell phone from my truck to see what he thinks. I met the exceptionally talented and generous Jerry Vivino through Brian the same year Brian and I met. Jerry and I never forgot the first studio tracks at Brian's and I'm humbled that Jerry, Mark Pender and Richie LaBamba Rosenberg jumped on these tracks to give this train a push with Brian's help. Without them, Take Me America would not have that knockout, freight train, emotional punch only they know how to deliver with just the right attitude. Just amazing to see these guys over the years with Max Wienburg on Conan, then back up Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl and now moved with Conan O'Brien to the Tonight Show with NBC. It couldn't be more deserving. Thank you Jerry, Mark Richie and Brian for putting us together again. Sean Frelke at SWM as an advisor missed his true vocation as an amazing quarterback. Sean threw me a pass to David Innes at SWM in Atlanta. Thanks to Sean and David, Jim Zumwalt, Ray Gonzalez, Coy martin now complete my backfield in motion, along with George Church, Carl Williford, Kim Williford, Karen Hirsch and Grady Richardson who all continue to listen and help me orchestrate to realize another chapter in this dream, an incredible team. Sit back, enjoy, have a listen, this is album was finally realized because of all of you. Additional thanks: to Nancy, Dave, Gemma, Ashley, Angelica, Sofia and Damian Dipalo, Diane and Nick Lambrow, Rick, Sandi, Amanda, Rachael and Eric Kelly, Mellisa, Nick and Anthony Medina and the rock, my big brother, Tony Molnar, for being lifelong friends; to Tree & Roy that keep the laughs and cards coming, Chris Tatum, Skip and Dawn Hames of the Jamacia 9; to John Higgins for the truck listening sessions; to "the board": John Klein & Howard Hoadley as my witnesses "I'm really livin' in a movie"; guest board member Judd Hartmen; to Lou Rose for his lifelong friendship, incredible camera eye and opening a big door; to Janet Rose for accepting the challenge, incredible talent, energy and giving me additional time in my life; to Rich Cervini for giving me confidence, Jim Arnoux for fencing me in; Rob Moul for finding a way, Linda Lewis for trust & guidance; Larry Cahoon for keeping things honest, Tom Morgan for being accurate, Tom Macie for a peek into the future; of course, Tony Parker & his army, Elco Tinga, Alair Amediea, Richard, John & Fran, Ted Smith, Mike Freeman, Bryon Suthurland, Larry Saniford, Jerry Gore, Mac Burnette, Jerry Russi, Leeanne Rose, and Annette Spenser the Ninga Team & everyone that listens to this! Things would not be in balance with you: thank you Sam Burgess, Chris O'Keefe, Ann Hines, Jim Craig, Chris Neal, Beth Easely, Ron Matamoros, Charles Mier, Darryl Mills, Dale Covil, Chris Johnston, Steve Morrison, Lisa & Rodney Harris, Andy Howard, Keith Bishton, John Jenkins, Donna Prince, Kenny Thorne, Roddie, Keith Hardy, Anthony Clemmons & staff, Cris Fettice, Marty Lawing, Jeff Philips, Jim Bonser, Vaughn Stanaland, David Slough, Brian Kernigan, Roger Tucker, Mike Bosic, Brian Benford, Chris Goggin, Joel Schwartz, Woody Snieckus, Willie Stewart, Wayne Clark, Dave Spetrino, George Larkins, Rick Willets, Shirley Strangstalien, Doug Shaffer, Jeff Simmons, Jerry Brett, Max Crowe, Ryan Tanner, John Russo, Brian, Josh and Joe at AYC.


Artist: David Scott Group
Title: Tongue & Groove
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 26/05/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 859701431213
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