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  • By David Rubin
  • Release 6/04/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

1. WHEN Light Pop, pleasant 'feel good' love song. 2. YOU'RE SO PRETTY 'When you look into your mirror, do you blow yourself a kiss?' Easy and fun Brit-Pop. 3. YOU'RE MY KIND OF GIRL 'You're naughty and nice You're fire and ice You light up my days and heat up my nights' Swingin' Crooner 'Vegas style' song. 4. MARIANNE'S MAN 'She ripped that woman's dress off and chased her down the street!' Roadhouse Rock. Rough and Ready vocals. Two women fighting in a bar. 5. ANIMAL 'I got an amazon girlfriend and a pet tyrannosaur and a saber-tooth tiger that just a-lies around the floor' Welcome to my jungle world. 80's New Wave meets Beatnick Rock with native war chants in the backround. Have fun! 6. YOUR TOUCH SENDS ME Grooving intimate sensual love song. 7. A PRISON WITHOUT BARS Slow Country Rock song about a man who misses his ex-girlfriend. The choruses were inspired by Waylon Jennings. 8. EUROPEAN PSYCHO 'She unwinds and she's takin' a shower, then the glass breaks and then she sees his face.' Rousing upbeat Europop. Woman has love affair with a psycho. He follows her from one continent to another until events reach a dramatic exciting conclusion at an amusement park. 9. ADRIENNE FROM A.C.O. Alternative Rock. Is this song about the woman from the movie 'A Clockwork Orange?' 10. YOU'RE SO CRUEL 'You're cruel, you're cruel, you're bloody bloody cruel' Roadhouse Rock. Powerful '1956 Memphis' rock-a-billy vocals add punch to this song. 11. B-MOVIE 'Teen-age zombies, vampire bats The little town high school is under attack The creature has a taste for bikini girls Your neighbors are puppets and mum's the word' Punky '80's New Wave' Rock with weird vocals and strange lyrics. Don't ya just love those science-fiction movies from the 50's? 12. I WANT YOU BACK Eastern European 'forest Gypsy band' orchestration and accented vocals. 13. DANCING IN THE DARKNESS 'In my basement apartment we're dancing in the darkness, No one else around, the night belongs to us' Euro-Pop. The vocals at the end of this song were inspired by Carl Perkins. 14. I GOT YOU ON MY MIND Upbeat 'feel good' Pop-Rock song about a guy who has strong feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Nice orchestration, melody and vocals. Uplifting and fun to listen to :) DISCOGRAPHY: FANTASTICA: 15 original songs. Jazzy, Lyrical, Easy listening. Includes one 'religious inspirational' song, one South American style song, one vampire song and one song featuring two women having a knockout fight in a bar. ULTRA SONGS: 13 original songs. Rock, Pop, Blues plus one South American style song, one Calypso song and one operatic duet. DAVE'S COUNTRY: 13 original songs. Country & Western. Gunfighter ballads, train songs & love songs. Includes one 'Truck driving' song and one 'Cajun vocals' song. WHEN: 14 original songs. Rock, Pop, Rock-A-Billy, Swingin' Crooner, Europop plus one Jungle song and one Eastern European style song. ONE DAY: 17 original songs. Rock & Pop. Upbeat album with exciting stories. Includes 2 'Cockney rocker' songs. SECRET AGENT: 14 original songs about outlaws, androids, witches, fighters, lovers, strippers and secret agents. Rock, Pop, Swingin' Crooner, Country & Western. Includes songs with thrilling cinematic stories. ADVENTURE: 16 original songs. Rock, Americana, Pop, Folk, Country, Urban. Great musical back-up, strong vocals & gripping stories about bounty hunters, gangsters, strippers, vampires, werewolves, vikings, wizards, romance, action, suspense and UFOs. All seven David Rubin albums are available right here at CD Baby.


Artist: David Rubin
Title: When
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/04/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775020504325
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