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Ultra Songs

Ultra Songs

  • By David Rubin
  • Release 23/03/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

1. DANCE WITH ME BABY Smooth Pop vocals, bouncy melody and layers of grooving music. 2. WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU 'You were walkin' along the Boardwalk... Suntanned legs, hair blowin' in the breeze...' Soothing, easy-listening ballad about love at first sight. 3. ESCAPE FROM DEVIL'S ISLAND 'There's no escape from Devil's Island, just the sharks and the sea And if they catch you and bring you back, it's the lash and the guillotine' Adult Alternative. Adventure song about a man who tries to escape from a prison camp on Devil's Island. Does he make it? A fast-paced, action-packed thriller! Is that a beat? Or is that someone's heart pounding? 4. DOWN IN THE DUMPS AGAIN 'I need some help and I need it now.' Rocky Blues with strong vocals and production. 5. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ALICE A Calypso song about Alice. 6. SHAKE IT UP Heavy Groove Pop. 7. NATALIE Soft Pop like slow adrenaline mixed with honey. One man's fantasy about the lovely neighbor who lives in the apartment across the street. 8. BLUE SMOKE, BLACK COFFEE, AND THE SPOTLIGHT 'Oh I love the blue smoke, the black coffee and the spotlight The people drinkin', the glasses clinkin' in the night...' Atmospheric Bluesy Jazz story song with bar fight included. 9. LOUD, FAST, AND OUT OF CONTROL 'Yeah I'm seven feet tall I can walk through a wall, electrodes out of my neck, I got a biker gang that rides with me, Transylvania to Quebec.' Alternative Rock. Frankenstein rides a motorcycle and he's gaining speed! 10. IN YOUR FACE 'The doorman tried to stop me I told him 'Step aside' I didn't tell him again, I just hit him between the eyes' Rock / Urban. Don't jive this guy, he takes care of business. 11. DO YOU LOVE ME 'Or do you say the same words to somebody else Do you give your body to him Do the fires burn bright, do the nights get hot When the sky grows dim' Adult Contemporary. A sweet strong ballad about the doubts and tribulations of love. 12. SOSSALITA 'She dances in the moonlight, in hot rooms with red lights She dances for the sailors in the inn by the river She kicks her long legs and she throws back her hair She smiles my way and I fall off my chair' Lively South American rhythm song about a young man who is in love with a beautiful dancing girl 13. SLEEP LITTLE PRINCESS 'Peppermint lollipops, teddy bears Eyes that see magic everywhere...' Operatic Duet with Laurie Gordon. Lullaby. Hauntingly sweet. DISCOGRAPHY: FANTASTICA: 15 original songs. Jazzy, Lyrical, Easy listening. Includes one 'religious inspirational' song, one South American style song, one vampire song and one song featuring two women having a knockout fight in a bar. ULTRA SONGS: 13 original songs. Rock, Pop, Blues plus one South American song, one Calypso song and one operatic duet. DAVE'S COUNTRY: 13 original songs. Country & Western. Gunfighter ballads, train songs & love songs. Includes one 'Truck driving' song and one 'Cajun vocals' song. WHEN: 14 original songs. Rock, Pop, Rock-A-Billy, Swingin' Crooner, Europop plus one Jungle song and one Eastern European style song. ONE DAY: 17 original songs. Rock & Pop. Upbeat album with exciting stories. Includes 2 'Cockney rocker' songs. SECRET AGENT: 14 original songs about outlaws, androids, witches, fighters, lovers, strippers and secret agents. Rock, Pop, Swingin' Crooner, Country & Western. Includes songs with thrilling cinematic stories. ADVENTURE: 16 original songs. Rock, Americana, Pop, Folk, Country, Urban. Great musical back-up, strong vocals & gripping stories about bounty hunters, gangsters, strippers, vampires, werewolves, vikings, wizards, romance, action, suspense and UFOs. All seven David Rubin albums are available right here at CD Baby.


Artist: David Rubin
Title: Ultra Songs
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/03/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775020429420
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