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Secret Agent

Secret Agent

  • By David Rubin
  • Release 23/05/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

!. SECRET AGENT FROM THE FATHERLAND Alternative Rock. Female secret agent gets into trouble. 2. FIGHTING WITH A MAD MAN ON TOP OF A TRAIN 'Well I was talkin' to a dancer in a little town bar and I gave her a kiss, I thought I'd go far. But her boyfriend walked over, threw a punch at me...' Rock Americana. Small town Saturday night adventure. 3. PAYBACK IS A BITCH Alternative Rock. Clashy arrangements give thrust to this story of revenge. 4. A WARM KIND OF LOVE Tender ballad, crooner lounge type of song. 5. GRAB THAT BROOM (AND FLY AWAY) 'From my castle tower room I see your shadow against the moon Riding on your magic broom Above the dark night sky...' Swingin' Lounge style vocals. Jazzy orchestration. 6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART Lullaby with strong tender masculine vocals and 'carrousel style' musical arrangements. 7. ARCHEOLOGIST WOMAN 'The Amazon rain forests, ruined cities in the vine The painted birds awake you from dreams of other times...' Adult Contemporary. Lyrical love ballad. Exotic instrumentation. 8. OWL CREEK BRIDGE 'Rockin' Rhythm' Country adventure song filled with drama and suspense! 9. I RODE WITH JESSE JAMES Country and Western story of an outlaw. What turned a decent farm boy into a brutally efficient killer of men? 10. MARY WAS A STRIPPER 'She worked out every day, went dancin' every night, showing that perfect body to a thousand hungry eyes' Adult Contemporary. Jazzy Pop orchestration and nice floating vocals. 11. BLACK MINISKIRT 'She's a wet dream a-walkin' on a Saturday night The wind on her legs makes her feel so right Bubble bath skin that feels so smooth She's got a date with destiny or maybe with you' Pop ballad with funky production and nice vocals. A black miniskirt changed her life. What a cutie! 12. IS THIS WHAT HAPPENS TO LOVE 'Holding hands up on the roof and counting all the stars at night...' Love ballad. Modern arrangements blended with warm crooner vocals. 13. SHEILA IS AN ANDROID 'She got chemical blood and DNA, she'll live for three hundred years' Techno-Rock song with some industrial sounds. Strange story. 14. SECRET AGENT This rockin' cinematic story song is about a beautiful (but deadly!) female secret agent and her gang of spies at loose in America during World War 2. Same story as track # 1, but with 'Peter Gunn' style arrangements and a touch of Rockabilly vocals. UPDATE: Grab That Broom (And Fly Away) was chosen as 'Song of the day' on The Roy Cost Radio Show. 'listen to this wonder of an album' 'Headspinning stuff.' 'Roy Orbison-esque voice' 'Imagine if Gary Wilson wasn't so hard up and had illusions of intrigue.' Secret Agent has been reviewed by Exclaim! (Popular & nationally distributed entertainment & music publication/webzine.) DISCOGRAPHY: FANTASTICA: 15 original songs. Jazzy, Lyrical, Easy listening. Includes one 'religious inspirational' song, one South American style song, one vampire song and one song featuring two women having a knockout fight in a bar. ULTRA SONGS: 13 original songs. Rock, Pop, Blues plus one South American style song, one Calypso song and one operatic duet. DAVE'S COUNTRY; 13 original songs. Country & Western. Gunfighter ballads, train songs & love songs. Includes one 'Truck driving' song and one 'Cajun vocals' song. WHEN: 14 original songs. Rock, Pop, Rock-A-Billy, Swingin' Crooner, Europop plus one Jungle song and one Eastern European style song. ONE DAY: 17 original songs. Rock & Pop. Upbeat album with exciting stories. Includes 2 'Cockney rocker' songs. SECRET AGENT: 14 original songs about outlaws, androids, witches, fighters, lovers, strippers and secret agents. Rock, Pop, Swingin' Crooner, Country & Western. Includes songs with thrilling cinematic stories. ADVENTURE: 16 original songs. Rock, Americana, Pop, Folk, Country, Urban. Great musical back-up, strong vocals & gripping stories about bounty hunters, gangsters, strippers, vampires, werewolves, vikings, wizards, romance, action, suspense and UFOs.


Artist: David Rubin
Title: Secret Agent
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 23/05/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829982089809
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