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One Day

One Day

  • By David Rubin
  • Release 5/07/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

1. I MET HER ON A MONDAY Lively and upbeat Punk Rock. Melodic Romance story. 'One night stand' becomes something more... 2. RIDING DOWN THE HIGHWAY 'I picked her up just out of Ontario, she hopped in my car and away we go...' Adult Alternative story song with nice vocals. This song rocks! 3. BILLY THE BOOT 'Back in Montreal in a waterfront hotel, fightin' with a sailor until he slipped and fell' Adult Alternative / Rock ballad about a Montreal street legend 4. IT'S ALRIGHT 'The city's still sleeping when I open my eyes The smell of fresh coffee and I start to rise I walk to the kitchen see you standing there Wearing one of my shirts and your long lovely hair And it's alright' Slow cool sexy Jazz rap with flowing, dreamy music. The cab driver, the school teacher and a rainy day, cool yeah... 5. SHEILA DOES NOT LOVE HIM ANYMORE Jazzy Pop love song with 'Swingin' standards' vocals. 6. CANDACE 'Candace don't look back, there's someone after you' Haunting sweet ballad. Is this the woman from Carnival Of Souls? Nice blend of 'Folk Cafe Guitar', vocals and story. 7. THE BALLAD OF I MET HER ON A MONDAY Pop ballad about an old romance. Nice vocals. Melodic softer version of track # 1. Story has different ending. 8. SHE'S MY GIRL TONIGHT Adult Contemporary / Vocal Pop. I really like these vocals. You might like them too. Nice orchestral musical arrangements and interesting story. 9. THEY COME TO TAKE MY BABY AWAY 'Run down the stairs and they're right behind We jump in her car we've got to take a ride But the car will not start and they pull her out She's a-punchin' and a-kickin' she's startin' to shout' Dramatic lyrics and dreamy production. Slow Rock / Jazz / Urban fantasy story song. 10. MY SUBSTITUTE GIRLFRIEND Light Pop story song about a guy who finds a 'substitute girlfriend'. 11. THE CAVES OF MARS 'They had ten-foot tall robots with nuclear heads, they made us work hard but we were well fed.' Techno-Rock, science fiction, crazy story. The fun begins after our hero gets kidnapped by Martians and taken to that 'crazy red planet high up in the sky'. 12. I MET HER ON A MONDAY - REMIX Funky version of track # 1. Groove it baby! 13. I'M YOUR MAN Punk Rock. Clashy mood. East European style intro leads to rowdy Cockney vocals 14. ONE LONDON DAY 'You sell your kisses for two pounds the rowdies buy a lot.' British Hooligan Rock. Nineteenth century love story from the wrong side of the tracks. 15. ONE DAY Power Pop. Same story as track # 14. Melodic, lively arrangements. 16. SHE'S COMING FOR YOU JOHNNY 'She knocked out the nurse and took her uniform. Left her bare on the floor. Then she walked out the door' Punk Rock / Adult Alternative, wild story! Rhythmic and Upbeat music! 'Film Noir' crime movie in a song. The sequel to track # 2 17. THE BEST GIRL 'She makes me laugh when I'm feeling down When times are lean she always sticks around' Slow Pop / Rock love song. Interesting arrangements with layers of music. Solid vocals. DISCOGRAPHY: FANTASTICA: 15 original songs. Jazzy, Lyrical, Easy listening. Includes one 'religious inspirational' song, one South American style song, one vampire song and one song featuring two women having a knockout fight in a bar. ULTRA SONGS: 13 original songs. Rock, Pop, Blues plus one South American style song, one Calypso song and one operatic duet. DAVE'S COUNTRY: 13 original songs. Country & Western. Gunfighter ballads, train songs & love songs. Includes one 'truck driving' song and one 'Cajun vocals' song. WHEN: 14 original songs. Rock, Pop, Rock-A-Billy, Swingin' Crooner, Europop plus one Jungle song and one Eastern European style song. ONE DAY: 17 original songs. Rock & Pop. Upbeat album with exciting stories. Includes 2 'Cockney rocker' songs. SECRET AGENT: 14 original songs about outlaws, androids, witches, fighters, lovers, strippers and secret agents. Rock, Pop, Swingin' Crooner, Country & Western. Includes songs with thrilling cinematic stories. ADVENTURE: 16 original songs. Rock, Americana, Pop, Folk, Country, Urban. Great musical back-up, strong vocals & gripping stories about bounty hunters, gangsters, strippers, vampires, werewolves, vikings, wizards, romance, action, suspense and UFOs. All seven David Rubin albums are available right here at CD Baby To hear the David Rubin (Phoenix 98.0 FM) radio interview, just click on the link on this page.


Artist: David Rubin
Title: One Day
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 5/07/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829982083852
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