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Daves Country

Daves Country

  • By David Rubin
  • Release 23/03/2004
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

1. YOU BETTER NOT LIE WHEN YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME Country love song with 'feel good' melody and solid vocals. Do you trust the one you love? 2. IF I COULD HOLD YOU 'If I could hold you and kiss you once more...' Up tempo country song about a man who longs for a lover from the past. Nice vocals. 3. GONNA SEE MY BABY TONIGHT Rockabilly / mountain song with orchestral arrangement. 4. GOOD-BYE WAS ALL SHE WROTE Tender 'lost love' song. Melodic. Nice vocals and sung with feeling. 5. A TRUCKFUL OF WOMEN 'I got a truckful of women and I'm rollin' down the road.' Freewheeling trucker song with surprise ending. 6. A TALL DARK HORSE Exciting Western adventure story song of a man on the run from a grim relentless posse that means to take him back dead or alive. A gripping frantic desperate gunfighter ballad. 7. COLT .45 'He walked out in the street with a gun at his side, He said 'I'll kill you old man with my Colt .45', I didn't want to kill, but I didn't want to die, He left me no choice but my Colt .45' An aging gunfighter is forced to defend his rep and his life from fast young guns. Does he survive? Enter the deadly world of the Colt .45 and find out. Classic Gunfighter Ballad with an arrangement that has the atmosphere of a 'spaghetti western' with hints of mountain music and bluegrass. 8. THE BARROOM SONG Raucous song about a Saturday night hero who has a few drinks and thinks he can take on the world. 9. THIS TRAIN WILL STOP AT TUCUMCARI 'This train will stop at Tucumcari where my baby's a-waitin' for me, Broke out of jail in Tupelo but now I'm runnin' free, I shot a man in old Cheyenne, robbed a bank in Tennessee.' Rumbling train song about a jail-breakin', risk-takin' runaway outlaw. 10. THE TRAIN ROBBERS 'We robbed a train in Illinois, me an' the captain an' the Johnson boys, The engineer he drew his gun but mine was bigger, an' I won, And now we're wanted in two states and three territories, Outlaws and killers, livin' wild and free.' These good ole boys rob trains for a living. Then one day they pick the wrong train to rob. 11. NOT SO LONG AGO 'I saved you from a violent man but now you runnin' back to him.' Wistful Love ballad. I was in a Cajun mood when I sang the vocals on this one. 12. JENNY COME BACK 'She was my girl till she left me, Whose fault that was I cannot say, I've been with other women, but I still remember her, Some memories just won't fade away...' Love Ballad with powerful vocals. 'Rockabilly Hall Of Fame' singer-songwriter Roy Cost loves this song. 13. YOU TOLD ME WHERE TO GO 'When you wake up in the mornin' and you find that I'm not there, Remember you were the one who told me where to go...' Country love song with ironic ending. DISCOGRAPHY: FANTASTICA: 15 original songs. Jazzy, Lyrical, Easy listening. Includes one 'religious inspirational' song, one South American style song, one vampire song and one song featuring two women having a knockout fight in a bar. ULTRA SONGS: 13 original songs. Rock, Pop, Blues plus one South American style song, one Calypso song and one operatic duet. DAVE'S COUNTRY: 13 original songs. Country & Western. Gunfighter ballads, train songs & love songs. Includes one 'Truck driving' song and one 'Cajun vocals' song. WHEN: 14 original songs. Rock, Pop, Rock-A-Billy, Swingin' Crooner, Europop plus one jungle song and one Eastern European style song. ONE DAY: 17 original songs. Rock & Pop. Upbeat album with exciting stories. Includes 2 'Cockney rocker' songs. SECRET AGENT: 14 original songs about outlaws, androids, witches, fighters, lovers, strippers and secret agents. Rock, Pop, Swingin' Crooner, Country & Western. Includes songs with thrilling cinematic stories. ADVENTURE: 16 original songs. Rock, Americana, Pop, Folk, Country, Urban. Great musical back-up, strong vocals & gripping stories about bounty hunters, gangsters, strippers, vampires, werewolves, vikings, wizards, romance, action, suspense and UFOs. David is a 6-time MIAOTW 'Artist Of The Week' All seven David Rubin albums are available right here at CD Baby.


Artist: David Rubin
Title: Daves Country
Genre: Country
Release Date: 23/03/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775020420328
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