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Child of I-5

Child of I-5

  • By David Rolin
  • Release 6/02/2007
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

WHAT IT IS This compilation CD is a collection of 15 tunes, one solo and the rest of me playing with ensembles from duos to 10 piece bands. It's a conglomeration of studio recordings, live tracks and even practice or writing sessions. It's not a "best of" or even a comprehensive body of my work but it's body of experiences that make me smile...make me happy to be a player...and make me glad I played every damned note...warts and all! WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE I owe a debt to the musicians and vocalists who've shared their creative time and a chunk of the stage with me. I am blessed to have worked with each and every one of them. We've collaborated on and slapped around some music that I'm very proud of. I like to believe that the places and times we were throwin' down were just a little better for our efforts. They are: Bill Deiz, Bob "Crusher"Metke, Bobby Torres, Bruce Beaton, Carol Rossio, Cyoacha, Dale Morris, David White, Edwin Fountaine, Gary Fountaine, Gary Irvine, Jami Seiber, Janice Deschene, Jeff Rees, Jeff Dood, Jeff Moyer, Jim Cuomo, Jimmy Sanders, Lila Sklar, Matt Kearns, Michael Gargano, Mike McGuirk, Nancy Cady, Patrick Deiter, Peter Archer, Rusty Cox, Stephanie Salazar, Timothy B. Schmit, and Tristan Trotter. I carry a deep, nostalgic thanks to my family (Merville, Iona, Harold, Jean, Mitch and Beverly) who nurtured and encouraged my musical interests. They've given a precious gift to me and to all those with whom I've shared. Many, many thanks for my friends and loved ones who have supported my music over the years. You are the ones who told me, "Do this thing". Your enduring presence, frequent hands on assistance and words of inspiration have been invaluable. Finally, thanks to my wife, Trish. I'm not sure where to start because she's there at every turn. Words that come to mind are enduring, inspiring, nurturing, insightful and loyal. And it's all expressed from that bright smile from a front table. WHO I AM I'm a percussionist, plain and simple. I was born in Southern California to a fun-loving woman and a hard-working man. It was 1938, a musical world of swing and pre-war pop and I heard it everyday. The marriage soon dissolved and I went to live with my grandparents, both church going folks with rural backgrounds. Fortunately, music continued to be a daily staple in the house. Grandpa loved his gospel and grandma favored the classics. If it wasn't on AM, we heard it on a wind-up Victrola. I began to study classical piano at age 5, progressing quickly. I played hymns for the Presbyterian Church at Wednesday night meetings. Somewhat distressing to Grandma was my habit of beating on boxes, furniture pillows and pots and pans in wild abandon. I created a wonderful cacophony as I accompanied the radio when some 40s pop would slip through the "cultural censors". Weekend visits to my Mother's home exposed me to any and all danceable pop music as well as the recently discovered and very popular Latin rhythms. A bitter but colorful custody battle in 1948 resulted in another move to live with my mother and her second husband, a young Air Force officer, recently returned from WWII. I went straight to post war Japan and was bombarded by new influences. This was a vibrant, fun-loving couple that set the pace for my adolescent years. A zest for life was evident in the constant music that filled the house. This was a home that listened to FM and played LPs. I began playing snare drum in 4th grade band. I went to 5 high schools and played in concert band, orchestra, dance band, marching band in most of them. In late high school, I developed a keen interest in mid-fifties progressive jazz. I still harbored a strong identity for rhythm and blues and would jam with young, black enlisted cats in R and B groups at the base Service Club. Then I would go downtown to jam on off-nights in local jazz clubs in 1956 Frankfurt, Germany. I returned to the States upon graduation from high school and my drumming quickly took a backseat to a new marriage and my intense involvement in the 50's custom car scene. The 60s brought my renewed interest in music. Creative boundaries were being assaulted and rules broken. My interest had shifted from kit drums to hand drums. The exploratory nature of American music combined with my growing awareness of ethnic percussion influences began to shape my personal vision. The old distinctions between genres were blurring in a phenomena called fusion. The passion and visceral quality of world music struck deep within me while the brash delivery and insistent backbeat of American rock and roll satisfied my own cultural imperative....rudimental drumming with attitude. At this point in my life, music is many things to me. It is a spiritual expression...a devotional act. It is an affirmation of self...and a window revealing who I am. It is a species ritual... a social interaction...a tribal embrace. It is a language that shares my rhythmic identity with those of others. And it's one helluva lot of fun!


Artist: David Rolin
Title: Child of I-5
Genre: International
Release Date: 6/02/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479478451
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