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Down Home

Down Home

  • By David Payne
  • Release 8/11/2005
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hi, my name is David Payne and was raised up in Brooklyn, NY. Music has always been apart of my life. My Father always had different instruments in the home, which gave me the appreciation of many different musical sounds that could be made. The organ and the piano were two of those instruments I used to love hearing my father play and sing his favorite ballads. Though he nevered went to school for music, he was able to teach himself to play the piano and organ. My parents had me take piano lessons even though I didn't want to but it gave me a basic foundation for the music field. I remember my first concerto 'The Chocolate Soldier'. I didn't stick with the lessons as I should have, I regret it, but you know being young and all it's hard to concentrate on one thing. My surrounding family were also musically inclined. My aunt's all had beautiful voices including my mother and grandmother. On my father's side of the family I've had a group of cousins who had there own band. I also found out later in life that Freda Payne is a cousin of mine. I was never close to that part of the family, (man I wish I was). Anyhew me and my uncle started a band during the James Brown era, me singing the lead but it never got off the ground. As I grew older I always want to play the trumpet and the saxophone. When I was in 6th grade instead of playing the trumpet like I wanted to they gave me the tuba, when I got Junior High instead of playing the saxophone like I wanted they gave me the trombone. By the time I was in High School I was more of a poet than anything else. Influence by Issac Hayes and Barry White soulful raps, I would write love letters or poems and read them to the girls just to get their reaction, they'll tell me 'Oh, David that was beautiful who did you write that too'. I had my friends wanting me to write love letters for them for their girlfriends or girls they wanted to get with. After some years out of school I was in and out bands and singing groups that just never took off the ground. There was always friction and no one taking it as serious as I was. Frustrated with the work of trying to keep a group together long enough to accomplish something my interest went other places in the entertainment. Then in the year of the big transit strike in NYC in 1979, I met Theresa Lindsey, who was an actress/singer/songwriter and played in 'Bubbling Brown Sugar. To make a long story short she adopt me as her little brother and taught me all about writing lyrics, structures, good hooks and so on. She co-wrote a song with George Clinton for the Jackson 5 'I Bet You' which she herself recorded in the sixties. Her being from Detroit she knew everyone in motown. For about a year in the Hotel Sutton East, we collaberated on several songs along with my grow up buddy Micheal Clark, who til this day we still write music. I lost contact with Theresa Lindsey and hope she finds me through my CD's I have on line. I soon became distracted, got married, had children and became a Wedding Singer at everybody's receptions, putting on hold my writing and creating music until I seperated after nine years. I Started putting together my home studio and instead of pursuing any bands or groups figured I'd be better off doing things myself instead of waiting for everyone to get their life together. For the longest before I even got my equipment I could always hear in my head the music, each arrangements, the instruments what they were playing, but just didn't have the funds to get anything. We'll I finally brought a Yamaha DJX keyboard, in which I could lay a few tracks down and write my songs. I learned as much as I could from reading magazines such as Keyboards, Home Recording, etc. So with the budget I had I was able to get a good music workstation by Yamaha, and then a BR8 digital recorder, and a good pair of Monitors, in which I was able to transpose all my songs I did on my DJX. I then entered song contests to get feed back on my songs which help me improve on my recording songs and writing. I then hooked up with my cousin's husband Terry King who back in the days sang with The Drifters and The Temptations. He had a lot of studio experience which I learned what it means to have a good ear, tweaking, EQ's and so forth. I did a gig with him and my cousin who at times do Motown revues, I sang background for them. It was fun. They still continue performing around the states. After working with him for about a year I learned enough of the mechanics of engineering to begin work on the first CD Deep Within. I've never been bent on creating one style of music, because in my coming up my parents expose me to a wide range of music from jazz, blues,pop to r&b. Music from the movies always caught my attention. In my music you will hear that almost instantly, themes, scores,emotions, you'll probably think your in the movies. That's been one of my dreams to compose a music score for a movie like Quincy Jones, or Issac Hayes with 'Shaft', Marvin Gaye 'Trouble Man'. I've come to the point in my life that all I want to do is write and compose music for others to use. I love ballads and popular music. So when you listen to my music you will hear a broad range of music styles that comes from my deepest emotions. I truly hope you enjoy this journey of mine. I work from a music workstation keyboard where I'm able to express myself through the many lead instruments you hear on my songs, they do tell a story. I do hope that those who listen to my music find fulfillment and refreshment, and become my fans forever. You can go to my website and hear my songs. Or purchase them on iTunes, MSN music.


Artist: David Payne
Title: Down Home
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 8/11/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479241079
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