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Angels & Almas

Angels & Almas

  • By David Maldonado
  • Release 9/12/2008
  • Music Genre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

When did we forget what life is really about? Was it when we spent all that extra time at work that now doesn't seem to be worth it? Or the time we spend with people who just seem to complain about anything and everything? Somehow, some way, we lost touch with what is really important. In David Maldonado's CD, "Viaje De Mi Alma (Soul Journey)", we rediscover what is truly important to us and what we can do to focus on it. For example in the featured song, Winds Of Spain, we remember that we had great aspirations to leave our mark on this world. A desire to influence those around us to become the best they can be, the importance of teaching others who we are through family traditions and culture. Too often we fall into the pattern of routine because we become "comfortable" with all we have in life. The material things we have keep us from becoming too upset or even motivated to change the world around us. David reminds us in Fantasia that everywhere around us there are people who have less than us. Not by their own doing but the circumstances that influence their lives. This is your opportunity to brighten their lives and help them make a change for the better. The time you spend with them could be measured in minutes and hours but the impact will last a lifetime. Life is a journey. It can be confusing, inspiring, depressing and passionate all in a short period of time. The value of David Maldonado's music is that it will serve as the inspiration to get you refocused as to where you have to go and what you get to accomplish... Email me at to subscribe to my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on what I've been up to. The newsletter features: Upcoming shows House concert giveaways CD discounts My thoughts journal And much more!


Artist: David Maldonado
Title: Angels & Almas
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Release Date: 9/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501076593
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