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Patterns Yet Unknown

Patterns Yet Unknown

  • By David Franklin
  • Release 29/07/2008
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Original Liner Notes: the future, like an individual, holds many uncertainties. Patterns yet unknown is a collection of songs about some of these uncertainties, from broad social issues to one person\'s concerns. In moving into the future and trying to make sense of this strange world, these songs are some of these things i've come up with. Enjoy. Now: this CD, originally released in the early 90s, features david on guitar, piano, drums, and vocals. This project contains some songs written on david's walk across the country with the global walk for a livable world. Many wonderful musicians grace this project: the flute and clarinet of mary hofer, the violin of irene sazer, cello from the amazing james jacobs and many other amazing musicians. Heartfelt and poetic! Bio: i grew up in New Jersey and when i was young, i felt life everywhere. I experienced every natural thing: rocks, trees, plants, even the air, as living, feeling, breathing. Music was the background to this and life was complete. Things changed in middle school when i was beaten up by twelve boys older than myself. Not knowing what to do with this experience and this new way of understanding how life can be, i lived in constant fear of the next possible incident. Music somehow got me through. I neglected school but promised myself i would never miss a day in my life of playing an instrument. The things i was scared of as well as my loves, hates, feelings, promises and hopes all came out through drums, guitars, pianos, voice and the random things i would smack to get a musical sound. I started making strange percussion instruments with pieces of glass, metal and wood and started to feel alive again; music not only helped me to get out of fear but started allowing me to feel an even deeper sense of life. These feelings took me to different places with my instruments: traveling around the world and later, walking across the country in 1990 (LA to NYC). following musical dreams, i went to new your city and finally, moved to California. Fast-forward to now and i still carry that spirit with me. i am a school counselor and a therapist who uses music as a guide as i work with adolescents who have gone through trauma. I speak and play at schools and conferences and i communicate some of the things music has taught me. i am raising two children with my wife and we experience music through our own playing. We don\'t watch tv in our home, we sit, play, listen and feel life in some of the same ways our ancestors did--before many crazy inventions such as television or email created isolation and disconnection. My music is about connection, feeling and yes, healing. I hope it helps you connect with something in some way.


Artist: David Franklin
Title: Patterns Yet Unknown
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 29/07/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 624048010922