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Featuring Dan Pratt: tenor saxophone; Alan Ferber: trombone; Jared Gold: Hammond B3 organ; Mark Ferber: drums. The buzz: 'This is a debut recording of uncommon maturity.' Peter Westbrook, Jazz Review 'DPOQ, as it's named on the cover of Springloaded, stands for the Dan Pratt Organ Quartet, a smokin' band led by tenor saxophonist Dan Pratt. DPOQ draws upon the foundations of organ jazz as set by Jimmy Smith and Larry Young, using modern compositional forms to create up-to-the-minute jazz that combines invention and swing. The members of DPOQ are young and they take no prisoners. Pratt exemplifies the approach of DPOQ. He composed most of the tunes on Springloaded, using challenging and unorthodox formal devices. Yet the tunes are accessible and melodic, and some of them, such as the uptempo burner 'Who Knew,' have the potential to become jazz standards. On tenor sax, Pratt has a huge, warm sound, and he improvises creatively and aggressively. He might play against the rhythm, and more often, he digs in and swings, as on 'Blues With A Limp.' Organist Jared Gold demonstrates firm footwork, maintaining solid bass lines even as he negotiates the intricate forms of the tunes, such as the odd-meter funk that's part of 'Still Steamin.' He seems to be developing a personal style based in Larry Young, including Young's lighter touch, and he solos effectively throughout. Alan and Mark Ferber happen to be identical twins, and they're also excellent musicians. Alan can go outside, blare, riff, or bop like J.J. Johnson. Mark keeps swinging time even through the most complex situations. But DPOQ's strongest asset might be it's unity, it's band sound. This is a working band, with deep interplay, and when Pratt and Alan Ferber improvise collectively, their lines intertwine with remarkable clarity. The result is Springloaded, a fine debut by a band to watch.' -Marc Meyers, All About Jazz 'JAZZ GOES BUMP IN THE NIGHT: A warm, invigorating blast of N.Y.C. jazz energy recently blew through town, when the Dan Pratt Organ Quartet showed up at the Firebird Lounge. Pratt, a notable up-and-coming tenor-saxist-bandleader-composer, illustrated the self-evident point that jazz harbors many great players under the radar of public visibility ... Pratt's band springs from the classic organ trio format, plus one. Trombone adds exponentially to the band's collective voice, supplying potential for harmonic and contrapuntal coloring. They wield an impressive blend of traditionalism and subtle experimental instincts, as heard on their new album, Springloaded (Sunny Sky), and live, as when they kicked off the set with the slightly quirked-up blues variation, 'Blues with a Limp.' From Pratt's first solo, it was clear that he's grounded in the contemporary saxophonic language exemplified by players like Joe Lovano, but also lacks neither creative vigor or fresh ideas.' Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent 'While on a West Coast tour, in promotion of it's worthy CD, Springloaded, the East Coast-based Dan Pratt Organ Quartet stopped over one night to play to a standing room only crowd ... and set the house afire.' Russ Roberts, LA Jazz Scene 'Besides being one of the most tremendous new saxophonists around today, Dan Pratt is also evolving as quite an exciting composer as well. He's the complete package.' Christian McBride, World-Renowned Jazz Bassist.


Artist: Dan Pratt Organ Quartet
Title: Springloaded
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 27/04/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 640041072422
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