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McMillan, Dan Gordon : Rosalie

McMillan, Dan Gordon : Rosalie

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What motivated me to make a CD? So Dan. Why don't you make a CD? That was Karen suggesting that after showing me the CD label she had created with some of my titles on it . That was how this project came about really. I suppose there is a time for things, and it was time for this to happen. My overwhelming sense is one of gratitude. For wherever these melodies came from, and for the gifts of these musicians and the great production of John Gilbert Greenburg . These songs are my life. They are a mix of sound, and style that are very easy to listen to. If you want to have it in the background for the dinner party or on the stereo going for a drive, you won't be disappointed. The earliest songs are from the early seventies I trust that those of you who do listen will find something on my CD that moves you. Cheers, Dan Dan McMillan's CD Release Sold Out Dan McMillan's CD launch at the Italian Canadian Hall was a sold out event. It was over 20 years in the making and everyone was very pleased that this local talented musician made it. McMillan's family was present: his brother Marty and wife Vickie sister Linda and husband Kenn Whiteman, along with Laurie and Judy. His girl friend Karen Osberg made sure to video the whole event and his nieces Marla, Leah, Jana, Michelle, Jacklyn and Tracy assisted in the sale of the CD's. Also helping were Sandy Bouleau, Gordie Rhodes and Bill Hardisty. McMillan plays in the band Nite Shift and they also added their support and played the second set of music. The CD has all of McMillan's original songs and was recorded by John Gilbert who is also a musician and added his talent to the project. Clive Lauzon created the graphics for the CD and the following musicians contributed their talent: Rebecca Olsen, Guido, Andrew Schmidt, Chelsea Olsen, Mike Mallon, John Dryden and Erik Nystrom. Marty did the intro for McMillan and said the only thing missing was their parents Norman and Sylvia. McMillan did dedicate this CD to his parents and has their names on it. Part proceeds of the sale of the CD went to Fir Park Village for the new tubs and at the end of the evening there was $300 raised. Angie Blake of the Fir Park/Echo Village Foundation was very pleased that McMillan had thought of them for his donation and thanked him. McMillan then spoke about his songs and his regret that his parents couldn't be there for this release but felt they must be there in spirit. McMillan and his musicians then played each of the releases on the CD live. The CD contains wonderful tunes that have a very relaxing and calming effect on an individual. The musicians have made it a full-bodied experience and one that I'm sure everyone would enjoy. Personally, it was great to be able to actually hear the words and find that there wasn't any off-colour language in them. The instrumental tune, Karen's Surprise, is a lovely melody that bares no resemblance to any other tune that I've ever heard before. McMillan remembers his first excitement about music being in his parent's car with Elvis singing "Hound Dog" on the radio. He was jumping up and down on the back seat in time to the music and also singing at the top of his lungs. "My mom had a natural voice for singing and even though she didn't sing in public I remember her singing around our home. My Uncle Norm Nass played guitar and when I got my first guitar at age 12 he taught me how to play my first song "Spring Time in the Rockies". When McMillan was young he and his family lived in Franklin River where he attended a small school with a teacher who played Scottish tunes on the piano. He can remember singing along to those tunes and feels his true gift is his voice. McMillan had two years at Grant McEwen in Edmonton where he took reading and writing of music and composition. In the late 80's, he also took one year of guitar at NIC. Over the years McMillan has written many different songs from his life's experience. He looks forward to creating another CD. Having been born and raised in this community he felt it only right to donate money from this release back into it. McMillan would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone for his or her help and for attending the CD release. Together we made it happen.


Artist: Dan McMillan Gordon
Title: McMillan, Dan Gordon : Rosalie
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/03/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502040920