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Shimmering Lights

Shimmering Lights

  • By The D Project
  • Release 1/01/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Produced by author and long time friend Francis Foy, "Shimmering Lights" is decidedly progressive and the guitar, as expected, is at the heart of the project. Featuring special guest Tomas Bodin from Flower Kings, Martin Orford from IQ and Fred Schendel from Glass Hammer, this album should establish Desbiens as a serious player in the field of progressive music in North America. The D Project - Shimmering Lights I must confess I'd been looking forward to this album despite the lack of imagination in naming the project. You may or may not know Stephen Desbiens from Canadian progsters Sense, but you'll certainly know album contributors Tomas Bodin from Flower Kings and Martin Orford from IQ. Hence the anticipation. These boys don't do rubbish. And it was worth the wait, for this is a remarkably good album which covers the gamut of the progressive range but centres in the world of symphonic prog. You'll be hard pushed to find a better prog track this year than 'Hide from The Sun', and the whole album makes for essential listening, reeking of class. Space rock (United Kingdom) The D Project - Shimmering Lights (... )En conclusion, Shimmering Lights est un album brillant qui dévoile au fil des écoutes toutes ses subtilités, le talent et les influences musicales variées de son auteur et don't il est évident qu'il ne peut qu'être bien reçu par les amateurs de musique progressive. ' www. Prog-mania. ^#^tk (France) ' Excellent album (... ) a tout pour être l'album de L'année' La fillière progressive (Canada) ' Shimmering Lights is an excellent album' Arthur Chachlowski Radio Alfa Krakow 102. 40 FM. (Poland) ' The D Project is the new band of Stéphane Desbiens, who is the guitarist and principal composer of Sense, the primary musician in Mélia, and a member of Qwaarn, Ère G, Red sand, and Jupiter. ^#^desbiens sings (in English) and plays acoustic and electric guitars (including a designer guitar) and keyboards. Several other musicians assist, including some familiar international names. Thomas Bodin (The Flower Kings) plays keyboards on two songs, Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer) plays keys on one song, and Martin Orford (IQ) plays keys on one song. The music is the high grade symphonic progressive we've come to expect from Desbiens, marred only by a small amount of tuneless metal. (Fortunatly the old adage about adding a teaspoon of sewage to a barrel of wine doesn't hold true here. ) Genesis is the primary influence, one track is pure Pink Floyd, and there's a bit of Yes and King Crimson, but by and large it is original and creative. ' (USA) There are not many Neo-Progbands coming out of Canada, but the D PROJECT is a big exception, as this band has released a huge sounding high quality Progressive Rockalbum which will please all FLOWER KINGS/TRANSATLANTIC/IQ fans for sure. Multi-instrumentalist Stephane Desbiens is the leader of this project, on which we can also hear guest musicians such as MARTIN ORFORD (IQ), TOMAS BODIN (FLOWER KINGS) and Fred Scheindel of GLASS HAMMER, so if you're a fan of any of these bands this is a must-have CD. Maybe nothing new is brought in, but it is without a doubt a fantastic piece of typical Progressive Rock, combining long instrumental passages with strong vocalwork of Stephane. 7 long songs are included, clocking in at 50 minutes. Better check it out asap if you call yourself a progfan!(Points:8. 3 out of 10) Angel fire Shimmering Lights D PROJECT Top50 Solo album from Sense bandleader Stephen Desbiens featuring prominent gusts Martin Orford (IQ), Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer) and Tomas Bodin (Flower Kings) A fresh keyboard based progressive album that mixes many styles. It starts of sounding like King Crimson, and through the album you will hear influences from Flower Kings, IQ and Glass Hammer, but also parts of quite heavy progressive rock, and snippets of pure jazz. All in all a great album, and definitely one of the best releases in the prog field this year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Rating: 9 Missing (Sweeden) (... ) Fazit: Ein kleines Meisterwerk verschiedener musikalischer Stile. Dieser Abwechslungsreichtum auf diesem Album ist einfach phänomenal. Auch beim x-ten Hördurchlauf gibts noch Neues zu entdecken. Für alle Progkosmonauten und Entdecker uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!! Proggies (Suisse) (... ) Letzte Worte an diesem Orte: Die CD ist noch mit einem Enhanced-Video ausgestattet. Und es kann nicht schaden, mal einen Blick auf die Liste der Gastmusiker zu werfen... 12/15 Babyblaue (Germany) (... ) du rock symphonique, remplit de contrastes et de variations surprenantes enrichies entre autres par l'élégance du violon (... )Une production cristalline; un vidéo en bonus, beaucoup de professionnalisme(... )Je dirais que les raisons pour considérer l'achat d'une telle œuvre... sont multiples. Arlequins (Italie) (... ) it turns out to be a masterpiece of progressive rock. (... ) Desbiens is a really gifted guitar player mastering a lot of different styles and together with Francis Foy he makes gorgeous compositions. 9/10 Prog-nose (Belgium) "(... ) A fantastic piece of typical Progressive Rock, combining long instrumental passages with strong vocal work of Stephane. " Strutter mag (Hollande) « (... ) Pour conclure, vous trouverez ici une musique d'une grande beauté » Antithetik (France) « Shimmering Lights s'avère à l'arrivée un melting pot d'influences (... ) que Desbiens assemble avec grand talent pour un résultat inespéré. Superbe surprise ! » Cosmos Musique (France)


Artist: The D Project
Title: Shimmering Lights
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/01/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479350306
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